Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities

Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities

Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities

Pokémon-Go has taken over the world recently. You can’t login into social media without reading about Pokémon-Go and can’t go outside without coming across people trying to “catch ’em all”. But it isn’t just us regular people who’ve put their lives on hold trying to become a Pokémon master, even our favorite celebrities are taking time out of their busy schedule tom get in on the action.

Here is a list of 10 celebrities who are absolutely obsessed with this new game and there is a high possibility you might run into one of them at a Poké-gym.

Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities
Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities

Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities

10. Kristen Stewart

Kicking off our list at number 10 in Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities is the twilight actress, who was simply hit by the hype train of Pokémon-Go. She went as far as getting herself a Pikachu tattoo. Now that’s taking obsession to a whole new level ’cause it’s all fun and games till you get inked. Well as long as she is not making any more of those “Twilight” movies… Everything shall remain fine.

9. John Mayer

At number 9 Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities is…”Your body is a Wonderland” singer who is just one of many celebs who have revealed their love for the brand new gaming app. John Mayer tweeted a screenshot of buying himself 14,500 PokéCoins for $99.99. Alas if only we were this rich to drop serious cash for a mobile game. *hashtag show-off *

8. Trevor Noah

At number 8 in Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities is Trevor Noah, the host of the Daily show. A New Yorker posted on Reddit that while looking for a stray Pidgey at Riverside Park, she stumbled onto Trevor Noah playing Pokémon-Go on a random park bench. “He looks at me, looks at my phone, and goes, ‘you know there’s a Scyther right over there,” the woman wrote in her Reddit post. Turns out Noah set up two lures “So he could catch ’em all on his break. And that is how ladies and gentlemen… Pokémon is uniting people.

7. Joe Jonas

At number 7 in Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities is Joe Jonas who first rose to fame as a member of the pop-rock band Jonas brothers. Joe tweeted “Rumor has it Mew2 is at Area 51… Road trip anyone?#PokémonGo” . A Pokémon- fuelled trip/meet-up and breaking into Area 51 while an Army wants to drop us dead sounds like an awesome idea. Where do we sign up?

6. Wiz Khalifa

The 6th in Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities spot in Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities is bagged by Wiz Khalifa. The American rapper, songwriter, and actor tweeted “I know about the privacy issues wit Pokémon but fuck man. Nigga gotta catch em all.” referring to the rumours that Pokémon Go once installed can monitor your texts, calls, emails etc on your phone …but.. we get you Wiz, of course Pokémon shall always be prioritised before privacy. *eagerly waits for a song about Pokémon*

5. Mario Lopez

At number 5 in Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities is Saved by the bell actor and American television host Mario Lopez… who has caught the Pokémon flu too. All of the random places the Pokémon are popping up are in fact one of the best features of the game. keeps you guessing what you might find at work tomorrow. He tweeted a screenshot of finding a wild Magikarp on his set. Now who doesn’t love special guests on their television show?!

4. Demi Lovato

On the 4th spot in Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities is our dear Demi Lovato… another passenger on the Pokémon GO’s hype train. Nick Jonas took to twitter to expose his tour-mate Demi Lovato is a Pokémon addict when she said out loud that “There’s no f***in Pokémon here?!” adding the hashtag #thisisoutofhand ,while on tour at New jersey…Demi Lovato retweeted the message, so it looks like she’s proud of her Poke-clout . She simply won’t just let it Go.

3. Chrissy Teigen

The American model nails all your feelings about Pokémon-Go in 7 hilarious tweets. Phase 1: curiosity. “Can I catch Pokémon in Italy.” Phase 2: doubt “Am I too old to catch Pokémon?”. Phase 3: justified resistance… “A girl was trying to catch a Pokémon and found a body in a river instead so I don’t know about this.”  Phase 4: Resignation. Chrissy tweeted a screenshot of the game’s dialog box to enter the date of birth saying, “Ok well this is already mean.” Phase 5: Participation… Chrissy tweeted actively playing the game. Phase 6: Exhaustion… Like all of us… She got tired of the running around the game forces us to do and tweeted “I am good for a single outdoor activity for about 15 minutes.” Phase 7: Deletion. Finally Chrissy tweeted “I’m over Pokémon. Please let’s pretend I never played and I never bought hundreds of pounds of incense.”

2. Colton Haynes

At the second spot in Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities is Colton Haynes. The arrow and teen-wolf actor is addicted to Pokémon-Go as well and like the rest of us is tired of all the walking around the game forces us to do. “Look, don’t get me wrong… I love to Pokémon Go… but I’d so much rather Pokémon stay.” We feel you Colton. Believe us… We do… when we’re forced to walk 10 kilometres to hatch one egg.

1. Ellen DeGeneres

At number one in Top 10 Pokémon Go crazed celebrities is our queen , Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen is nearly on every one of our celebrity lists and on Tuesday (July 12) in London, England… Ellen posted a photo of her and her wife Portia de Rossi on the beach with a Bulbasaur in the background. Looks like Ellen and Portia are joining in on the Pokémon Go fun!… and it can’t please us more.

 Pokémon first emerged n 19995 as a Nintendo video game and through the decades, it has grown into a massive franchise… and 2016 marked the entry of the free-to-play location based augmented reality game that has taken the world by storm since its release on July 6th. It was primarily aimed at children and Nostalgic adults who played the game when they were young. Ironically,  the idea of an augmented reality game has made Pokémon a household name from the memories of young adults. From kids, adults and even celebrities are mesmerised by the game.

However, critics are calling Pokémon Go a temporary phenomenon that will end within months, if not weeks. Fans, on the other hand, think the game is just the beginning of a long-term movement! Well… imagine the possibilities of a Harry Potter Go or a Dragon Ball z Go. The possibilities are endless here. What do you believe? An augmented reality game is a one hit wonder? Or has Pokémon Go opened up a new era of gaming?

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