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To be in sync with everyone around the city, you need to be updated about what’s happening around and about the whole place. This is the perfect place to endeavor hot gossips, news and happenings.  Often linked to upper class and high society mindset, these events are a huge and gigantic part of entertainment industry. People tend to follow what is trending and Page 3 culture provides almost all the information about it.

It is considered as ‘rubbish news’ for most people and few people think it doesn’t even categorize as proper news but page 3 is raw, the most uncovered kind of news that can ever be. It provides access to information about Celebrities whom we idolize on screen and want to know about them for real. Some of the dealings are hugely controversial but isn’t it obvious that the more genuine and unadulterated news it is, the more it is scandalous?

Page 3

This is a huge culture which has spread throughout the world like a wildfire and is taking it by storm by bringing inside news of our favorite celebrities and bringing to us what are they up to. Being in the same rhythm as the world is necessary if you want to fit in. Being updated with these hot topics will not only entertain you to bits but will also enrich your smart brain with a new jar of topics and conversation starters. In case you are lost or don’t know what your friends are talking about when they are discussing page 3, this is a place to be.

Unanimous as it sounds, this is not actually all about controversies and controversial news materials that are used to provoke the common folk. It covers a wide and detailed version of a lifestyle that people are living nowadays. The metropolitan culture is all it is about. Page 3 is the log book of all the happening parties and social gatherings for and from the upper culture. It is about being updated to the hottest news, the hottest topic in town. Keep an eye on this segment for hot, upcoming news related to page 3.olly

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