matches with most inning extras by Pakistan

10 ODI matches with most inning extras in Cricket history

10 ODI matches with most inning extras in Cricket history

Bowling department in cricket sometimes gets really cruel. Although it is one of the most fun facet as well when skill and speed merges together nothing can substitute the feeling. Fastest bowlers in cricket are a real asset of their respective sides. Speed, swing and variation – three most lethal weapons for any cricket team to conquer the opposition. However the most important ingredient in any bowlers attack is still absent. The factor that keeps both pace and swing affective for any bowler is his precise line and length. Cricket history is full of fast and spin bowlers however only a few of them fulfill the economical bowler’s criterion. Raw strength often leads to vast speed however that pace needs to be controlled in cricket to become a useful bowler. Otherwise the results could be devastating for the home side.

matches with most inning extras ODI

Cricket matches with most inning extras conceded in them are an outcome of the same rash bowling. As a matter of fact some fielders also play further role in getting the opposition most inning extras but chief credit goes to the bowlers. Spin bowlers conversely can be less responsible for most innings extras conceded because their line and length usually remains under control. Modern day cricket is a lot more speedy and competitive. With so much talented players emerging each day nobody has a sure top spot when it comes to winning percentage. Similarly the advent of T20 format has made the game a whole more unpredictable. Now a day, teams strive to block a single run on the field. Considering the value of a single score today, extra inning runs are of much importance.

matches with most inning extras

Most innings extras record in One day International inning belongs to Pakistan Cricket team. The side which is well reputed for their unpredictable style of cricket conceded a total of 59 extras against Scotland. The numbers included 5 leg bye, 6 bye, 33 wide and 15 no balls in a match during 1999 ICC World Cup. Although at the end they managed to win the game quite easily, it has been written in record books. More interestingly in the second inning  also gave away a total of 37 extra runs. Thus the game turned out to be the match with most extra runs in cricket history. Top 10 of these matches, having conceded most inning extras are as under;

Top 10 ODI matches with most inning extras in Cricket history

Team 1 Team 2 Total score (both innings) Wickets Overs Extras Byes Leg bye wide No balls
Pakistan Scotland 428 16 88.5 96 6 17 50 23
Pakistan West Indies 461 17 90.4 90 8 25 50 7
India Zimbabwe 501 19 95.0 90 1 18 45 26
Pakistan West Indies 431 18 98.5 73 2 20 43 8
India Kenya 564 9 100.0 72 0 15 52 5
India New Zealand 504 11 98.2 70 8 19 29 14
India Australia 388 18 87.3 69 8 15 46 0
Bangladesh Pakistan 384 19 94.3 69 1 11 49 8
Pakistan West Indies 323 13 84.2 68 0 10 46 12
India West Indies 383 14 97.0 68 6 17 28 17

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