Neymar will replace Messi much earlier than expected

Neymar will replace Messi much earlier than expected

Brazilian captain Neymar Jr has now climbed to the pinnacle of his career to lead one of the greatest clubs in history ‘Barcelona’ to more titles just as a feat Lionel Messi has been doing for decades.

Neymar will replace Messi much earlier than expected

Neymar succeeds Messi?

Many delusional fans as well as the bunch of pessimists feel that Barcelona will disintegrate the very moment Lionel Messi has problem in delivering his usual best Or when he finally leaves the club.

Surprisingly, former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola too even went as far as predicting that, ‘Barcelona will sink like a ship when Lionel Messi leaves’.

Very few people think Neymar possess the sufficient quality to match Lionel Messi as well as the consistent display and form to achieve more than even Messi but the Brazilian star has developed much faster than anticipated and is now ready to take over from Messi as the next kingpin of Barcelona.

Former Barcelona forward Luis Garcia made this pretty clear as he made the following observations to Omnisport and said:

“He is happy at Barcelona, I think we can see that, he just signed a new deal until 2021 and he knows that Messi right now is 27, 28,”

“In a couple, maybe three years, maybe Neymar is going to be the star. I doubt it, but it is possible. He’s got all the light on him also, everybody is looking at those three.”

Neymar missed the Selecao’s 2-2 draw played against Paraguay on Tuesday through suspension but is expected to start alongside Messi and Luis Suarez in Saturday’s much awaited Clasico meeting against Real Madrid, with Barca currently being nine points clear at the top of La Liga.

“It’s not that he is in the shadow of Messi or in the shadow of Luis Suarez, he’s got the importance to the team, they know he is a key player for Barcelona.”, Garcia said.

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“I think the supporters and the coach give him that importance into the team, so that’s why he is so happy.”

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