Neymar hits a DRONE with one stunningly struck volley

Neymar hits

Neymar hits a DRONE with one stunningly struck volley 

If there’s one adjective we can use to describe Neymar , it would be skillful. If you were to use two words now, it would be INCREDIBLY skillful.

Neymar hits a DRONE with one stunningly struck volley

A lot of players over the ages have shined for Barcelona with their outstanding set of skills and talent. In more recent years Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi are two names which come to mind. Ronaldinho mesmerized the crowds in Camp Nou with his amazing skills and goals.

After that it was the Lionel Messi era. The player came to Barcelona as a teenager and became the best player in the world with his amazing skills and goals and consistent performances. Barcelona have also seen a lot of success due to these two players.

But after Lionel Messi one could not see a player of the same talent and ability as Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi. Until the Brazilian wizard Neymar Jr. joined Barcelona in 2013.

He had a good season 2013/14 in Barcelona and learned a lot. But it was the season 2014/15 in which Neymar Jr amazing goals and skills made Barcelona win the treble. Barcelona won the Copa del Rey, the Champions League and the La Liga that season.

And the Brazilian maestro has proved his freestyle talent, technical nous and incredible accuracy once again in the video above.

Drones are a huge stride in the public’s use of technology and they’re also very expensive.

However, the high-quality flying cameras are not as valuable to the likes of Neymar who utterly destroys one with a sweetly struck volley.

Neymar hits
Neymar celebrates a goal

After ball juggling so comfortably it will make you really jealous, the Barcelona forward tees himself up and then proceeds to perfectly connect with the ball.


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