Neymar Facts: The bucket of stats and facts about the Brazilian prodigy Neymar Jr.

Brazil and the word football is synonymous in their own aspects. Over the ages Brazil has endowed the world with a great many number of legendary footballers. Neymar is the descendent of that very legacy. And he not only hoisted the flag of the fathers high, but carried it with own vigour and aura. Such a credible player has an undoubtedly illustrious life he has led. Neymar facts are just as awe-inspiring as the man himself !

Everyone knows Neymar was promising enough to become a worldwide phenomenon even when his exploits as a teenager gained global attention when he was at Santos in Brazil. Little did people know about the Neymar Facts such as he was already a success when he was probably yet to hit adulthood. In 2006, Romario and Robinho had arranged for a charity match in Brazil. And the game witnessed the likes of Santos stars and some upcoming prospects.  Neymar was only 14 years old back then, but the wonderkid was a player who had been invited to play with the team rightfully called Romario Friends.

Neymar Facts

Neymar Jr. was seen performing various impressive skills, toying with opponents and linking up with midfielders before participating in the attack. One such example was when he sent in an inch-perfect cross that somehow was blocked by the goalkeeper on goal. It seemed as if he couldn’t get any better. Until the Brazilian wizard Neymar Jr. joined Barcelona in 2013. And it was yet another rich story catering to the amazing compilation of Neymar Facts

The player came to Barcelona with a great reputation. And to say that he lived up to his reputation will be an understatement. The fact is that Neymar Jr. improved his reputation further and became one of the best players in the world. The player started off slowly. He had a good season 2013/14 in Barcelona and learned a lot. But it was the season 2014/15 in which Neymar Jr Ultimate goals and skills made Barcelona win the treble. Barcelona won the Copa del Rey, the Champions League and the La Liga that season. He had a major role in it. This segment Neymar Facts give us the insight into the brilliant spectacle that Neymar Jr is. Feast your eyes on one of the greatest footballers of this era and know more about him here.