Top 10 Books into Movies Adaptations

Top 10 Books into Movies Adaptations

Top 10 Books into Movies Adaptations

Whenever a movie based on a book is announced, people’s opinion is polarized. While some believe that the director’s vision will do justice to the book, most believe the opposite. So whenever such a movie comes out, the common complaint is usually that it didn’t do justice to the source material. One some occasions, it has been different. Some movies have not only done justice to the books but have transcended it to another level. Here are the Top 10 Books into Movies Adaptations.

Top 10 Books into Movies Adaptations
Top 10 Books into Movies Adaptations

Top 10 Books into Movies Adaptations

10. Cloud Atlas

At number 10 in Books into Movies Adaptations is Cloud Atlas. Cloud Atlas written by David Mitchell has always been considered one of those books that have been considered unfilmable.  Despite that the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer proved everyone wrong with their movie. Dealing with the inconsistencies and life and having six storylines from different era, it was quite a challenge but they nailed it to perfection. It did every justice to the book creativity and aesthetically.

9. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

At number 9 in Books into Movies Adaptations is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The book written by Stephen Chboksy was a perfect coming of age book about an introverted 15 year old boy who enter high school and befriends some seniors who show him his way around the real world. All the characters were perfectly brought to life by Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Erza Miller.

8. We Need To Talk About Kevin

At number 8 in Books into Movies Adaptations is We Need to Talk about Kevin. In the novel, the story progresses in the form of the exchange of letters between Eva to her estranged husband but with Lynne Ramsay at its help, the movie hooked you from the get go and never let you go. The movie not only was able to perfectly capture the themes of horror, grief and human heartbreak.

7. Blade Runner

At number 7 is Blade Runner. Such occasions have been rare when an author so falls in love with his book’s movie adaptation that he openly professes his love for it. But that was case for Blade Runner. Philip K. Dick, the author, literally wrote a love letter saying how great it the movie was and how it has set benchmark for Sci-Fi. Though liberties were taken in the film but the central theme was the same.

6. Fight Club

At number 6 is Fight Club. Director David Fincher has a knack to deliver some perfect book to movies adaptations and with Fight Club he only upped his game. Though the movie wasn’t a big commercial success at the time of its release, now it enjoys a cult status and a certain love among cinephiles. To this day the movie is great piece, touching themes like outrange, identity, empowerment and authority.

5. No Country For Old Men

At number 5 is No Country For Old Men. Directors Ethan Coen and Joel Coen have proven themselves to be good at handling movies based on books considering their work on True Grit. But with this one they hit a home run. They apparently had the pages of the book opening at the time of writing the script so that they didn’t miss on a single detail and it worked. The movie went on to win Oscars for Best Picture, Director and Script.

4. Schindler’s List

At number 4 in Books into Movies Adaptations is Schindler’s List. Though its name was actually Schindler’s Ark but the book was released in America as Schindler’s List. It was on Steven Spielberg’s list for a long time and he waited a decade before he finally began filming it in Poland. What he delivered is considered to be the finest movie about holocaust survivors and one of the greatest movies ever created.

3. Silence of the Lambs

At number 3 in Books into Movies Adaptations is Silence of the Lambs. The movie was based on the book of the same name by Thomas Harris which was the second in the Hannibal Lector series. The movie was about a young FBI trainee who uses the help of Dr Lector to find a serial killer called Buffalo Bill. As movie was as nail biting and edge of the seat experience as the book was, and it is often rated as one of the best psychological thrillers ever made. The movie also made the veteran Anthony Hopkins to be ever etched into the annals of Hollywood as one of the best villains ever as Dr. Lector.

2. Trainspotting

At number 2 is Trainspotting. Danny Boyle is no doubt one of the best in his business. His directing, the stellar cast and the combination of the author’s take on heroin addiction and the director’s vision have made it one of the finest movies ever. Though Boyle diverts a bit from the author’s style of story progression, the sheer adrenaline rush and the perfect conversion of page to screen has made it endearing to the book lovers as well.

1. Lord of the Ring Trilogy

At number 1 in Books into Movies Adaptations is Lord of the Rings Trilogy. While Tolkien scholars and purists might argue that the movie wasn’t as deep into the lore as the book was but to the rest, the movie was the perfect fantasy series ever. Jackson did the impossible by being able to bring such a deep, complex and large story with such a vibrant world to the big screen. While there were shortcomings like the plot problems, narrations and certain actors, everyone agreed that the movie was perfectly able to show depict the world of middle earth on the big screen.

Making movies based on books is like a double edged sword. On one hand, making a movie on a successful book means that people liked it’s story and setting and the movie will enjoy an initial hype, it also means that the movie will suffer even more if it fails to fulfill the desires of the book readers. These movies here are some of the best examples of Books into Movies Adaptations done right.

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