Top 10 most successful ODI captains with most games won

most successful ODI captains Ricky Ponting

Top 10 most successful ODI captains with most games won

Indian limited over captain MS Dhoni is one of the most successful ODI captains in cricket history. In fact not just ODI but all three formats of game have been revolutionized by this player. One of the best finishers in the world is well renowned for his innovative unusual decisions as a skipper. His courageous ability to make bold, risky decisions have benefited him on various occasion. Unlike many other cricket leaders, MS Dhoni does not hesitate to make an experiment even on the crucial situations. Though it may backfire sometimes, but is MS Dhoni’s case luck has always favored the brave. The Indian skipper who took charge of the side back in 2007 is ready to hand over the responsibilities to some young player. But admit it during his time of leadership, India has literally won everything.

 most successful ODI captains MS Dhoni

Though MS Dhoni is certainly one of the most successful ODI captains, he is not the one with most games won as the skipper. His number of trophies won might be countless but his overall winning percentage is not the best one. In fact MS Dhoni is currently on third number in ODI captains with most matches won list. The first two spots in most successful ODI captains list are occupied by the two Australian legends. Allan Border is on a tie with MS Dhoni with 107 ODI games won under his captaincy. While Ricky Ponting, one of the highest run scorer in tests has a far better record than MS Dhoni. Ricky Ponting has won a total of 165 matches as the Australian ODI captain. Although he led in 230 matches in total as compared to Dhoni’s 194, still his record is far beyond MS Dhoni’s reach.

most successful ODI captains Allan Border

Both Allan Border and Ricky Ponting are retired now and MS Dhnoi has a chance to overtake him. But the question is, well MS Dhoni be able to play that much more games? Certainly he will cross Border’s feat however to reach Ricky Ponting’s 165, circumstances are not much in his favor. In the meantime, Ricky Ponting has the second best win ratio as ODI captain as well. The only man ahead of the Ausralian golden era skipper is Clive Lloyd. The veteran West Indian led his side form 1975 to 1985, winning 77% of the games. Full list of the most successful ODI captains based on the number of games won is as under.

Top 10 most successful ODI captains with most games won

Player Span Mat Won Lost
RT Ponting (Aus/ICC) 2002-2012 230 165 51
AR Border (Aus)  1985-1994 178 107 67
MS Dhoni (India) 2007-2016 194 107 72
WJ Cronje (SA) 1994-2000 138 99 35
SP Fleming (NZ) 1997-2007 218 98 106
GC Smith (Afr/SA) 2003-2011 150 92 51
M Azharuddin (India) 1990-1999 174 90 76
A Ranatunga (SL) 1988-1999 193 89 95
SC Ganguly (Asia/India) 1999-2005 147 76 66
Imran Khan (Pak) 1982-1992 139 75 59

Top 10 most successful ODI captains with most games won

  1. RT Ponting
  2. AR Border
  3. MS Dhoni
  4. WJ Cronje
  5. SP Fleming
  6. GC Smith
  7. M Azharuddin
  8. A Ranatunga
  9. SC Ganguly
  10. Imran Khan

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