most matches as captain MS Dhoni

Top 10 Players with most matches as captain in career

Top 10 Players with most matches as captain in career

Playing the game of cricket on a professional level and being successful in it is a tough job what is more to lead a full squad. However there exist some cricketers who are born to be the leaders or captains in terms of cricket. Not all captains are natural born leaders though some of them groom themselves into one and lead their side in most matches as captain. Australian cricket team however has been rich in producing the skippers. History remembers the great Aussies loaded with number of most successful captains in cricket world. Let the legends aside, even David Warner of the Australian side has recently proved how much team Australia is capable of leadership.

 most matches as captain Ricky Ponting

One of the best openers in the world led his IP side this year and the whole world was surprised to see the progress he made as a captain. Leading Sun Risers Hyderabad, David Warner won the first ever IPL title courtesy his batting and leading skills. Similar is the case with Steve Smith who at a very young age is leading one of the best side in the world. In fact it is their grass root system that nourishes the hidden potential in players so they come up as great leaders. However as earlier stated some players are born to lead. Example is the Indian limited overs skipper MS Dhoni. As a matter of fact Dhoni is the player with most matches as captain in his career.

most matches as captain Dhoni

To be more precise, both MS Dhoni and Ricky Ponting have led their teams in equal number of games i.e. 324. But as Ricky Ponting has announced his departure from competitive cricket, MS Dhoni is the clear winner in most matches as captain race. Stephen Fleming, G Smith, Allan Border, there are so many great names on the list. However all of them are below MS Dhoni both in number of matches played and trophies won. The full list of players with most matches as captain is as under.

Top 10 Players with most matches as captain in career

Player Span Mat Won Lost Tied Draw
MS Dhoni (India) 2007-2016 324 175 117 5 15
RT Ponting (Aus/ICC) 2002-2012 324 220 77 2 13
SP Fleming (NZ) 1997-2007 303 128 135 2 25
GC Smith (Afr/ICC/SA) 2003-2014 286 163 89 1 27
AR Border (Aus) 1984-1994 271 139 89 2 38
A Ranatunga (SL) 1988-1999 249 101 114 1 25
M Azharuddin (India) 1990-1999 221 104 90 2 19
SC Ganguly (Asia/India) 1999-2005 196 97 79 0 15
WJ Cronje (SA) 1994-2000 191 126 46 1 15
Imran Khan (Pak) 1982-1992 187 89 67 1 26

Top 10 Players with most matches as captain in career

  1. MS Dhoni
  2. RT Ponting
  3. SP Fleming
  4. GC Smith
  5. AR Border
  6. A Ranatunga
  7. M Azharuddin
  8. SC Ganguly
  9. WJ Cronje
  10. Imran Khan

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