Most hundred runs partnerships in a Test match innings

Most hundred runs partnerships Pakistan

Most hundred runs partnerships in a Test match innings

Often there goes a scenario in a test match that at one end a player remains unbeaten while all other players get back to pavilion. The situation often proves a heartbreak for the last man standing as nobody gets going with the resistance he is putting in saving the game. The fact thus highlights the importance of a partnership in a test match. In test games players need to have steady feet especially when batting in the fourth innings. In today’s games usually even smallest totals are proving to be fightable especially for the sides hosting a series. Therefore it is compulsory for any team to create as much as possible runs partnerships to reach the target.

Most hundred runs partnerships India

Most hundred runs partnerships in a test match innings is the list of even elite class batsmen. Though it is not necessarily required in all cases to put up a hundred runs partnership. Depending on the situation a fifty or even a 30 run partnership may be enough in some cases. However when batting first, the longest a partnership goes the higher are the chances of winning. Highest run partnerships in test cricket history goes over 600 runs in fact. Sri Lankan legends Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayewardene put up an incredible 624 runs partnership against South Africa in 2006. However long gone the golden days of Sri Lankan cricket. At present Sri Lankans are often unable to put up a 400 run total in home conditions.

Most hundred runs partnerships England

Moving forward to the most hundred runs partnerships in one innings record, there have been various incidents of players getting three or more hundred runs partnerships. In fact except South Africa all test playing nations have achieved the feat of making four hundred runs partnerships in one innings of a match. Most hundred runs partnerships in one innings list is as under.

Most hundred runs partnerships in a Test match innings

Team Score 100 run partnerships Opposition Ground Match Date
England 903/7d 4 Australia The Oval 20 Aug 1938
West Indies 631 4 India Delhi 10 Nov 1948
Pakistan 657/8d 4 West Indies Bridgetown 17 Jan 1958
India 644/7d 4 West Indies Kanpur 2 Feb 1979
Pakistan 699/5 4 India Lahore 1 Dec 1989
Australia 605/9d 4 West Indies Bridgetown 1 May 2003
Pakistan 765/6d 4 Sri Lanka Karachi 21 Feb 2009
England 620/5d 4 Australia Adelaide 3 Dec 2010
Sri Lanka 730/6d 4 Bangladesh Dhaka 27 Jan 2014

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