Most consecutive series wins in Test cricket history

Most consecutive series wins in tests

Most consecutive series wins in Test cricket history

The golden period of test cricket is finally back. At the moment the whole world is enjoying the most classical version of cricket all around the globe. England vs Pakistan, Sri Lanka vs Australia and India vs West Indies are the ongoing test series while New Zealand will soon be charging on Zimbabwe. The only teams out of action at present are Bangladesh and South Africa. Nevertheless, South Africa also has some cricketing action scheduled to be enforced in near future. The current scenario thus makes some interesting expected outcomes regarding who will be the winner of these ongoing test series.

Most consecutive series wins Australia

England cricket team is playing Pakistan at home. However the visitors won the first game after losing the second by some huge margin. Currently the series is leveled with one victory for each side and expected to provide some great competition in coming games. On the other hand West Indies are hosting team India but looking at the situation the series is expected to be a one sided clash. West Indian test team is nowhere near any better team as compared to their performance in ODIs or T20. Meanwhile if the persistent rainy season in Sri Lanka allows, Sri Lanka vs Australia series will also be a good one. Though Sri Lankan team has lost most of its great players the home advantage can somehow help them compete the mighty Aussies.

Most consecutive series wins England

While there are a lot of matches still to go for any of the ongoing series to be decisive, let’s take a look at the most consecutive series wins in test cricket history. Obviously winning a test series means a lot to any cricket side. And the permanence on how to win a test series depicts the pure domination of a team. Most consecutive series wins record belong to the forefathers of cricket England. And agree or not, watching test cricket in English grounds is the best feeling ever. The inventors of the game showed a complete dominance over the most classical format of cricket from 1884 to 1892. During that era England cricket team won a total of 9 test series. Most consecutive series wins by any team. These series included a total of seven Ashes series as well.

The full details of this longest winning streak and the similar series conquests goes as under.

Most consecutive series wins in Test cricket history

Team Series wins Span
England 9 1884 – 1891/92
Australia 9 2005/6 – 2008
Australia 7 1945/46 – 1951/52
Australia 7 1956/57 – 1961
West Indies 7 1982/83 – 1985/86
Australia 6 2001/02 – 2003/04
England 6 2004/04 – 2005
South Africa 6 2006/07 – 2007/08
England 6 2009/10 – 2011
South Africa 6 2011/12 – 2012/13

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