Most batsmen bowled england

Most batsmen bowled in an innings in One Day Internationals

Most batsmen bowled in an innings in One Day Internationals

Of many ways of getting dismissed in cricket, bowled out is probably one of the best sight to watch both for the fans and the bowler. P.S the side whose batsman is getting bowled and their fans’ agreement to the statement is not mandatory.  And to be honest what could be the best way of getting a wicket than to shatter the defense of his stumps without any help from the fielders. We all know the feeling a bowler gets while shattering the stumps of a batsman – totally on top of the world. While in test format most batsmen generally gets lbw out and in T20s catching is the most prevailing way of dismissals, so ODI seems to be a perfect format for bowled out.

Most batsmen bowled in ODIs

Certainly that is not the case in all situations but keeping in view the style of play in all three formats it seems legit.  Test format is the game of stability and steadiness. The lack of big shots and defensive approach usually strikes the batsmen on their pads while in T20 batsmen tend to go for hard hitting thus playing more balls in the air and getting caught. ODI format being the intermediate of both goes mildly giving full chances for bowlers to dismiss batsmen in all the ways possible. Thus if a bowler gets the most batsmen bowled in an ODI, it should not be of much surprise. Most batsmen bowled in an ODI game are 8 in total. The incredible numbers were attained by the West Indian bowlers, way back in 1985 against New Zealand.

Most batsmen bowled in One days

After getting 8 Kiwi batsmen bowled, West Indies won the game quite easily as trembled the New Zealand batting line up for just 129 runs. The only time in cricket history a total of 8 batsmen were bowled out although there have been many incidents of seven or less similar dismissals in history.

Most batsmen bowled in an innings in One Day Internationals

Team Score Num Result Opposition Ground Match Date
New Zealand 129 8 lost v West Indies Albion 14 Apr 1985
East Africa 94 7 lost v England Birmingham 14 Jun 1975
Australia 226 7 lost v West Indies Melbourne 22 Jan 1984
New Zealand 172 7 lost v Pakistan East London 19 Dec 1994
India 170 7 lost v Pakistan Hyderabad (Sind) 28 Sep 1997
New Zealand 157 7 lost v Pakistan Lahore 1 Dec 2003
England 227 7 lost v Pakistan Lord’s 20 Sep 2010
Bangladesh 241 7 lost v Pakistan Dhaka 11 Mar 2012
Australia 190 6 lost v England Melbourne 1 Jan 1975
New Zealand 186 6 lost v England Nottingham 11 Jun 1975

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