Marry Icelandic Women and Get $5000 Per Month! Sounds Tempting?

Marry Icelandic babes and get money

One of the commonalities that exist in the world is the fact that men have to take care of the financial needs of their wives after getting married. And who can forget about those extremely expensive marriages? This often makes marriage seem like a burden to many men. However, what if you were given a hefty amount of money every month, just to get married? Sounds pretty tempting right? Yes, you can avail this benefit just by marrying Icelandic women.

Marry Icelandic Women and Get $5000 Per Month! Sounds Tempting?

Back your bag to marry Icelandic Women
So who else is packing the bag?

According to several news sites, the Iceland Government announced a monthly payment of $5000 for the immigrants that marry Icelandic women. Some Internet sites reported that the decision was taken by the Government of Iceland after it was facing a shortage of men in its own country. The proportion of females to males in Iceland is pretty high. And in order to cope with this shortage of men, the Iceland Government came up with this highly unusual solution. Some sites even mentioned that the Government of Iceland was giving priority to the males from North Africa in this scheme.

Icelandic beauties are hottest divas
Marrying Icelandic Women will give so much more

The story went viral on the internet after it was picked up by many well-established blogs and websites. However, as it is commonly said that “if it is too good to be true, it probably is”, same is the case with this story. If such a scenario did happen, there would be millions of men from around the world getting in lines to get their Icelandic Immigration, along with beautiful Icelandic women, and a cool $5,000 per month. What else can a man ask for?

Apparently, the story was among many other stories that were created in an amusing tone after Iceland defeated England in the Euro 2016. The whole world wanted to know more about this tiny country named Iceland. Many people had not heard much about the country, and some didn’t even know where it was located. This curiosity of the public lead to wild internet searches about Iceland. And seeking the trend, many blogs and websites capitalised and created tempting stories to cash in on the opportunity.

Icelandic Women are seriously gorgeous
Are you ready to marry Icelandic Women?

Heartbroken? Well, you are not alone. Surely Icelandic women are beautiful and when they come with $5000 a month, who wouldn’t want to have one. But, it seems like if you want an Icelandic lady, you will have to go through the traditional route of making one fall in love with you. And of course, as there is no $5000/month reward from the government, you’ll have to take care of her needs and get a job in order to survive.

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