Lowest team totals in One Day Internationals

Top 20 Lowest team totals in One Day Internationals

Top 20 Lowest team totals in One Day Internationals

Highest team totals or lowest team totals, modern day limited overs cricket never lets you not surprised. As stated in a previous article on a given day cricket can be anybody’s game. It might witness a single player piling up over 250 runs in just 50 overs or a whole side crashing down to a mere 35. Rohit Sharma holds the world record of highest individual total in ODI cricket for his 264, while Zimbabwe cricket team holds the record of lowest team total in history with a score of 35. Yes, you heard it right, on top of the lowest team totals in One Day International matches list is number 35 – a score put on by Zimbabwe against Sri Lanka on 25 April 2004. Some might argue that 35 runs in a 50 over game from Zimbabwe is not a big surprise as the side is not a world class side often bowed down with ease. Well, what about Sri Lanka and Pakistan then? Both South Asian giants, have been reduced to a mere 43 runs in their cricket life. And as for Zimbabwe and the world class criterion is concerned, the side has a much better ODI victory percentage than Bangladesh, Ireland and the rest of cricketing newbies.

Lowest team totals in One Day Internationals Zimbabwe

The lowest team totals in ODI list goes on to find India as well, not with so much impressive record of their own. The side considered to be almost invincible while playing at home turf and very tough limited overs opponent all over the world, also holds the unwanted past of getting bowled to a score of 54. In fact no major test playing team has managed to escape the lowest total curse once in their careers except England. The authors of this beautiful game have never fallen under the mark of 80 runs till now. Their lowest total in an ODI game till this day is 86, a well reputed figure in fact, keeping in view the lowest ever ODI runs margin.

Lowest team totals in One Day Internationals Sri Lanka

The most recent incident of putting up one of lowest team totals in ODI history occurred at the beginning of the year 2016. A latest entry into the international cricket arena Afghanistan was bowled out by Zimbabwe for 58 runs during a game at Sharjah on 2nd of January 2016. However with many cricketing plans yet to be met, with some of the best sides playing against rookies, anything is expected to come. Top 20 Lowest team totals in ODIs are as under.

Top 20 Lowest team totals in One Day Internationals

Team Score Overs Opposition Ground Date
Zimbabwe 35 18.0 Sri Lanka Harare 25 Apr 2004
Canada 36 18.4 Sri Lanka Paarl 19 Feb 2003
Zimbabwe 38 15.4 Sri Lanka Colombo (SSC) 8 Dec 2001
Sri Lanka 43 20.1 South Africa Paarl 11 Jan 2012
Pakistan 43 19.5 West Indies Cape Town 25 Feb 1993
Zimbabwe 44 24.5 Bangladesh Chittagong 3 Nov 2009
Canada 45 40.3 England Manchester 13 Jun 1979
Namibia 45 14.0 Australia Potchefstroom 27 Feb 2003
India 54 26.3 Sri Lanka Sharjah 29 Oct 2000
West Indies 54 23.2 South Africa Cape Town 25 Jan 2004
Sri Lanka 55 28.3 West Indies Sharjah 3 Dec 1986
Bangladesh 58 18.5 West Indies Dhaka 4 Mar 2011
Bangladesh 58 17.4 India Dhaka 17 Jun 2014
Afghanistan 58 16.1 Zimbabwe Sharjah 2 Jan 2016
West Indies 61 22.0 Bangladesh Chittagong 18 Oct 2011
India 63 25.5 Australia Sydney 8 Jan 1981
Afghanistan 63 18.3 Scotland Abu Dhabi 14 Jan 2015
New Zealand 64 35.5 Pakistan Sharjah 15 Apr 1986
Zimbabwe 65 24.3 India Harare 29 Aug 2005
U.S.A. 65 24.0 Australia Southampton 13 Sep 2004

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