Ronaldo challenges Neymar

Brazil legend Ronaldo challenges Neymar in skills video battle

Brazil legend Ronaldo challenges Neymar in skills video battle

Neymar has probably spent much of his life dreaming of upstaging compatriot legend Ronaldo. The Barcelona star pulled it off on Thursday.

Brazil legend Ronaldo challenges Neymar in skills video battle

The young great the former Inter Milan and Real Madrid striker on Twitter. He answered a skills challenge with a jaw-dropping display of sheer accuracy.

Ronaldo – no longer the athletic goal-getter, showed he still has it with a Wimbledon-themed exhibition.

The 39-year-old juggles a tennis ball in his living room before spinning. He finally ends the show hitting a forehand into a stack of tennis chips suspended over a swimming pool.

Posting the video on twitter with the hashtag #raiseit, the legend wrote: ‘Maybe I’ll enter Wimbledon @Neymarjr – I‘ll smash it! Go on, #raiseit’.

Neymar duly obliged. He also opting for a pool-themed showboating session. It began with juggling two balls on a balcony.

The Barca man caught one in the crook of his neck. He continued before depositing it over the railing into a bucket a couple of storeys below.

The main event was still to come though. Neymar flicked the second ball into the air. He expertly juggled it a couple of times. And then he let it bounce before picking out a second bucket across the swimming pool. The shot was upwards of 25 yards away.

It was a display of skill that will leave Brazilian fans the Barcelona forward in awe. It will also make them wonder. They will wish he had not been left out of Carlos Dunga’s Copa America squad. He was to be rested for the Olympics in Rio, only for the team to crash out at the group stage.

Ronaldo challenges Neymar
Neymar and Ronaldo share a great bond

While he may have been outdone on this occasion, Ronaldo still holds the stunning record in terms of international goals. He had retired with 62 to his name in total 98 appearances.


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