Highest indvidual score Mohammad Amir

Highest Individual score by batting position in One Day Internationals

Highest Individual score by batting position in One Day Internationals

In recent years cricket has evolved like never before and so has the public access to the information whether it be of cricket records or anything else. The modern day cricket players love playing the most advanced level of sport on the other hand audience keeps themselves up to date with almost every single feat in the record lists. Highest individual score in ODIs is pretty middle-of-the-road record as all the fans keep a sharp eye on the surroundings in cricket fields. We all are well aware of the record breaking performance Rohit Sharma gave last year, hitting the highest ever individual score in a One Day match. However making the things a little more interesting, how many of the fans are aware of the highest individual score by batting position in cricket?

Rohit Sharma made the record score as an opener, obviously that is the highest individual score in ODIs for all batting positions but who is the highest run scorer while batting at no. 10, 11 or say 6, 7 and 8? That exactly is the point we are gonna find in the paragraphs written hereunder. So wait no more.

Highest Individual score by batting position in One Day Internationals

No.11: Mohammad Amir, 58 off 28 balls, Pakistan against England, Trent Bridge, August 2016

Highest indvidual score Mohammad Amir

A record that go created only two days ago in a match that will be remembered for a very long time. England beaten Pakistan after they had put up a world record 444 runs in third ODI. This was the highest ODI total in cricket history as Pakistan failed completely in all three departments. The only little joy Pakistan fans had in their miserable defeat was the innings Mohammad Amir played. He was called to be one of the best fast bowlers in world however nobody expected him to be that much brutal with bat as well. Batting at the last number Amir went on to score the joint fastest fifty for Pakistan after Shahid Afridi. His 58 off 28 is till date the highest score for a number 11 player in ODI history.

No.10: Ravi Rampaul- 86 not out off 66 balls, for West Indies against India, Vishakhapatnam, December 2011

Highest Individual score Ravi Rampaul

The West Indian pacer has been a case of ins and outs during his whole ODI career. In fact the whole West Indies side has been struggling to keep things friendly with its board however in Ravi Rampaul’s case it’s more of performance. One of the strongest guys in the field might not have shone with his bowling but at times he has been giving his all in batting. Take his unbeaten 86 for example against India in 2011.

No.09: Andre Russell- 92 not out of 64 balls, for West Indies against India, North Sound, June 2011

Highest Individual score Andre Russell

Andre Russel is one of the best all-rounders in cricket world at the moment. The West Indies athlete usually bats at lower middle order positions giving strength to the side through his power hitting. However it was a fresh entry for him back in 2011 as he came in to bat at no. 9 position. West Indies were 7 down for only 96 runs against India when Andre Russell came to rescue his side. Though West Indies lost in the end, Russel got the record of highest individual runs batting at no. 9 position.

No.08: Chris Woakes-95 not out of 92 balls, for England against Sri Lanka, Nottingham, June 2016

Highest Individual score Chris Woakes

Usually a no. 8 batsman is not considered to be a genuine batsman. It is the position where the tail-enders start coming in for batting. However in Chris Woakes’ case I would reckon him as a well-deserved batsman. For he has been doing superb job both in past as well as during the recently held Test series against Pakistan. His latest heroics came against Sri Lanka almost a month ago. A game which England had almost lost after getting his first six batsmen before reaching the 100 runs. Chris Woakes alongside Jose Buttler proved to be the concrete wall as England tied the game on last ball on the inning. Needing six of last ball to save the match Liam Plunkett did exactly the same as required.

No. 07: Luke Ronchi- 170 not out of 99 balls, for New Zealand against Sri Lanka, Dunedin, January 2015

Highest indvidual score Luke Ronchi

The highest run scorer in ODIs at batting position number 7 is from New Zealand. Having tried his fortune in Australian national side as well, Luke Ronchi did not get the enough opportunities to make his name. Taking a U-turn into the Kiwi side the wicketkeeper has been enjoying a prominent position in New Zealand after and even during the Brendon McCullum era. The late middle order batsman can be one of the best hitter on a given day. As he did against Sri Lanka a few years ago. Also he is the player with one of the highest strike rates in limited overs cricket.

No.06: Kapil Dev- 175 not out of 138 balls, for India against Zimbabwe, Tunbridge Wells, June 1983

Highest indvidual score Kapil Dev

One of the best all-rounders of his time and above all the first world cup winning captain for team India. Kapil Dev has a huge respect in cricket fans especially from Indian fans as the greatest captain in history. It was the world cup 1983 which eventually was won by India in which Kapil Dev hit a record breaking 175 runs. Although these numbers came against Zimbabwe at an earlier stage of the event, the sense of confidence he got certainly helped him win the final later on.

No. 05: AB De Villiers- 162 not out of 66 balls, for South Africa against West Indies, Sydney, February 2015

Highest indvidual score AB de Villiers

South African multitalented player AB de Villiers is matchless when it comes to talent and skill. Not just that he is one of the best cricketer in the world he holds a very good reputation in various other sports including hockey, tennis and football. However his achievements in cricket alone are no short of world record. The player has been serving the Protea side at various batting positions throughout his career. But the most glorifying of all innings came for AB batting at no. 05. It was the match when dozens of cricket record got smashed by the one man alone. The owner of the fastest hundred in ODI history also possesses the world record score of 164 entering at no. 05.

No.04: Vivian Richards- 189 not out of 170 balls, for West Indies against England, Manchester, May 1984

Highest indvidual score Vivian Richards

Sir Vivian Richards is nothing but a man of humbleness, glory and dignity for all the fans around the world. The West Indian legendary player is a great human being apart from being the greatest of cricketers. His love for the game and serve the sides he is attached to, has still not faded. A recent glimpse of his love was being witnessed in the first edition of Pakistan Super League last year. Batting at fourth position the veteran Phenom holds the record of playing the most runs innings back in May 1984 at Manchester.

No.03: Charles Coventry-194 not out of 156 balls, for Zimbabwe against Bangladesh, Bulawayo, August 2009

Highest indvidual score Charles Coventry

Before the era of hitting 200 runs in limited overs cricket, Saeed Anwar held the record of highest individual score in ODIs. The Pakistani left handed opening batsman scored 194 runs against India which remained unbeaten for a very long time. However batting at 3rd position Zimbabwe top middle order batter Charles Coventry equaled the record before anyone else back in 2009. Although Coventry’s knock also comprised of 194 runs, for he remained unbeaten his name was placed ahead of Saeed Anwar in highest run scorers list. Furthermore his knock came against a minnow side – Hong Kong so got no real attention in the cricket arenas.

No.02: Martin Guptill- 237 not out of 163 balls, for New Zealand against West Indies, Wellington, March 2015

Highest indvidual score Martin Guptill

The Kiwi hard hitter Martin Guptill lacks consistency in his batting. There is no doubt in skill level of the aggressive natured batter. However had he possessed the consistency of let’s say Kane Williamson he would have been unstoppable. His innings of 237 not out during the world cup 2015 would have over in the very first over but Marlon Samuels dropped the catch. Making the offered chance count, Martin Guptill went on to carry his bat scoring the highest individual score at no. 02 batting position.

No.01: Rohit Sharma- 264 of 173 balls, for India against Sri Lanka, Kolkata, November 2014

Highest indvidual score Rohit Sharma

Indian opening batsman might appear a bit lethargic to some of you while in dressing room. And no surprises he is the most sleepy-headed personality in Indian dugout as revealed by Virat Kohli. But believe it when he gets going while batting there seems to be no stopping for him. The player holds the record of highest individual score batting at no.1 position. This is also the highest ever by any batsman at which so ever batting position. Rohit Sharma is exceptionally well-talented for carrying his innings way bigger than the rest. Being the only player to have hit a double hundred twice in ODI format is the clear evidence of it.

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