Heaviest cricketers to play International cricket

Dwayne Leverock heaviest cricketers

Heaviest cricketers to play International cricket

Bulky physique rarely gets any thumbs up expression in modern times and in case you are some chubby guy dreaming of perusing a professional sport, your dream is already done. Obesity has no place in professional sports activities (unless you pick Sumo wrestling). Modern day sports including cricket demand the best athletic version of players capable to absorb extreme fatigue and produce maximum output. Modern day cricketers are pure athletes capable of doing unthinkable stuff whether in bowling or batting department. However the sector in which these athletic cricketers often turn on their ‘beast mode’ is fielding. Best fielders in cricket world are exceptionally athletic personalities and that does assist them in their overall performance as well.

Seems like there is no place for chubby sportspersons, or in this particular case, heaviest cricketers, right? Well, to be honest, the world of cricket has seen some of the heaviest cricketers in the world bumping the whole cricketing field with their power performances. Although they faced real troubles in certain aspects of the game, their overall performance was never less than any slender performer. Some of the heaviest cricketers who never let their oversized structures ruin their dreams are as under.

Heaviest cricketers to play International cricket

Jesse Ryder

Jesse Ryder heaviest cricketers

The Kiwi powerhouse Jesse Ryder was not on the extreme level of heaviest cricketers still his bodily structure was not most suited to the game. The 31 year old New Zealander has been struggling with his fitness issues throughout the career. A pretty useful aggressive nature batsman with a healthy average of 41 in test and 33 in ODI games, Jessy Ryder has been a good option in middle. Speaking of his bulky shape, overweightness caused a lot of troubles for Jesse Ryder. The player was banned form cricket for the period of six months after he failed a dope test. It was later revealed that he took a contaminated weight-loss supplement that affected his dope test results.

Inzamam Ul Haq

Inzamam Ul Haq heaviest cricketers

The former Pakistani batsman who is currently chief selector of the side was one of the greatest batsman in history. The leading run scorer for Pakistan in ODIs was also one of the most successful captains in Pakistan cricket history. His most remarkable performance came in world cup 1992 against New Zealand, scoring crucial 60 runs off just 37 balls. Reported to have a weight of over 103 kg, Inzamam was among the heaviest cricketers and that attribute often embarrassed him. The world record holder for most run outs in career (40) was never good at running often troubling himself and his partners.

Colin Milburn

Colin Milburn heaviest cricketers

The former English player who represented the national side for a short while weighed 121 kg at some point of his career. Playing just 9 test matches for England Colin scored a total of 654 runs including 2 hundreds. Unfortunately in an accident the player lost much of his eye sight thus being unable to play any more games. One of the worst cricket injuries forced Colin Milburn to announce his retirement from all kinds of cricket.

Richie Kaschula

Richie Kaschula heaviest cricketers

“A legendary character in Zimbabwe cricket” Richie Kaschula was a left arm orthodox bowler. Playing from Zimbabwe national team the Rhodesian cricketer took 44 wickets however his career with Rhodesia, before the independence of Zimbabwe, was splendid. One of the most prominent figures in Rhodesia’s 1970s tool 196 first class wickets.

Dwayne Leverock

Dwayne Leverock heaviest cricketers in world

The biggest man on the field for world cup 2007 got huge recognition after a diving one handed catch against India. A policeman off the field who drives a prisoners’ van seems to have enough experience of catching. Representing Bermuda, Dwayne Leverock weighed at 280 pounds or 127 kg during the event he grabbed Robin Uthapa’s blinder.

Warwick Armstrong

Armstrong heaviest cricketers

On top of the heaviest cricketers in international cricket list is Warwick Armstrong. Weighing 133 kg the Aussie legend represented Australia in 50 matches. One of the most successful captain with a highest win percentage, Warwick Armstrong led Australian team in 10 matches and remained undefeated. Triumphant in 8 matches under his leadership, two of the games were ended in a draw. The 1920-21 Australian side that defeated England in an Ashes whitewash was also led by Warwick Armstrong.

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