Fever runs high for the final of Neymar Jr’s Five

Neymar Jr’s Five

Fever runs high for the final of Neymar Jr’s Five

The Neymar Jr’s Five World Finals take place on July 8-9. It’s going to be held in the main man’s hometown of Praia Grande, Brazil. The suspenseful battle to achieve the title of kings of the kickabout is on.

Fever runs high for the final of Neymar Jr’s Five

Neymar Jr’s Five
Neymar himself is really excited with the proceedings moving forward

Five. It’s a magic number – just ask Neymar Jr. He grew up on the streets of São Paulo. Barcelona’s Brazilian ball-magician honed his silky skills alongside his four best friends. The crew still play five-a-side whenever they can.

So the samba star launched his own search to find the planet’s best backyard ballers. They had to be 16-25 in January. Neymar took the beautiful game, and gave it a Brazilian twist.

The result? Neymar Jr’s Five. It’s fast, fun, concisely technical and the rules are simple. Five players on each side, playing intensely for 10 minutes per tie. Score a goal, and the opposition team end up losing a player. The first to five, wins!

Here are some more magic numbers: over 65,000 players signed up to compete in the challenge. The goal was to be five-a-side football’s world champions. At least enough to fill Borussia Dortmund’s Signal Iduna Park!

That’s over 10,000 teams going head-to-head in more than even 35 countries, across six continents. From Austria to Argentina, and Canada to Qatar, thousands have readied their boots to become national champions.

The prize? A place in the world finals. And a chance to prove their skills against the cream of the crop from all over the planet.

Neymar Jr's Five
Fans all over the world have genuinely shown interest with the ongoing event

Who will outplay them all? Make all sorts of prediction… And watch it all unfold in the final from July 8-9.


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