Fastest to Take 100 ODI Wickets in History

Fastest to Take 100 ODI Wickets Mitchell Starc

Fastest to Take 100 ODI Wickets in History

The first major landmark in a bowler’s career is generally considered to get 100 wickets. And if the player is among the fastest bowlers to reach 100 wickets in ODI, one can easily assume the skill level he is on. Fastest to take 100 ODI wickets are the bowlers of similar exceptional caliber. In modern day cricket, making a debut at international level is a far difficult task. The amount of potential young players possess now a day does not let any plyer opt an easy way. Thus when a new player is added in the national side expect him to be exceptionally talented. However the real test begins soon after making a debut especially for a bowler. Maintaining a good economy and taking wickets frequently on consistent basis are the two major jobs of a bowler. Players who are fastest to take 100 ODI wickets have done exactly same.

Fastest to Take 100 ODI Wickets Mitchell Starc

At present Mitchell Starc is the latest among those taking the title of fastest to 100 ODI wickets on his name. One of the fastest bowlers in the world has just made his tally to hundred. The Aussie pacer has played 52 ODI games so far while the record to be the fastest to 100 ODI wickets at the moment has come in 53 matches. Former Pakistani spin guru Saqlain Mushtaq holds the feat of being the fastest bowler to reach 100 ODI wickets. Saqlain’s first 100 wickets came in just 53 games while Mitchell Starc has a chance to overcome with 3 games in hand. With some major alterations expected in near future, the full details of top 10 bowlers who are the fastest to 100 ODI wickets are as under.

Fastest to Take 100 ODI Wickets in History

Mitchell Starc – Matches 52

Fastest to Take 100 ODI Wickets in History Mutchell

The Aussie pacer has just returned to cricketing action after an injury and has done the job. In first match against Sri Lanka Mitchell Starc reached that milestone of 100 wickets being the fastest of all. He did it in exactly one match less than Saqlain Mushtaq. Australia has lost the test series however they have started ODI very well as it looks at the moment.

Saqlain Mushtaq – Matches: 53

Fastest to Take 100 ODI Wickets Saqlain Mushtaq

The former Pakistani spin legend Saqlain Mushtaqa is now the second fastest bowler to take 100 wickets in ODI. The original inventor of ‘Doosra’ and various other verities Saqlain Mushtaq made his debut in September 19995. Taking a duration of 1 year and 225 days, Saqlain Mushtaq reached the 100 ODI wickets landmark in his 53rd game. His feat came against Sri Lanka on 12 May 1997. Saqlain Mushtaq took the shortest duration as well as least number of games to reach 100 ODI wickets.

Shane Bond – Matches: 54

Fastest to Take 100 ODI Wickets Shane Bond

Kiwi pacer Shane Bond’s cricket career got ruined by the injuries. One of the best fast bowlers in the world equally enriched with pace and variation completed his 100 wickets haul in just 54 games played. One of the fastest to take 100 ODI wickets unfortunately could not carry on for a long time. Injuries forced Shane Bond to announce the retirement long before his expected retreat.

Brett Lee – Matches: 55

Fastest to Take 100 ODI Wickets Brett Lee

It took Brett Lee three years to cross the 100 ODI wickets barrier in his career. Do not be amazed, in fact during these three years he just played 55 matches. Thus the feat of being the quickest to reach 100 ODI wickets is not going anywhere from him. To be honest, a bowler of his caliber is indeed justified to take the fastest 100 ODI wickets in history. Same goes for his record 100 mph ball, one of the fastest deliveries ever bowled in cricket.

Imran Tahir – Matches: 58

Fastest to Take 100 ODI Wickets Imran Tahir

South Africa never had a quality spin bowler in past. Although JP Duminy and some other have been doing the job but for an authentic spinner they had to rely on Pakistan. After getting his chances done for Pakistan, Imran Tahir moved to South Africa to test his luck. And that sparked for him. One of the best spinner in Protean side reached his 100 wickets earlier this month in the ongoing tri-nation series.

Waqar Younis, Irfan Pathan and Morne Morkel – Matches: 59

Fastest to Take 100 ODI Wickets Waqar Younis

Waqr Younis took one more game from Imran Tahir to be one of the fastest bowler to reach 100 wickets. The former Pakistani pacer who has recently trained the side as well took his 100th ODI wicket against Zimbabwe. It took over three years for Waqar Younis to cross the 100 wickets record however with just 59 games played. Same goes for Irfan Pathan and Morne Morkel. Both these bowlers also took just 59 games to reach their 100 ODI wickets in cricket. The only difference is that Irfan Pathan played consistently for India in his early days while Morne Morkel did not get frequent chances.

Danis Lille, Shane Warne and Shoaib Akhter – Matches: 60

Fastest to Take 100 ODI Wickets Shoaib Akhter

Too much greatness in one para. Two of the greatest Australian bowlers in history, Danis Lille and Shane Warne are on equal with the fastest bowler in the world Shaoib Akhter when it comes to fastest 100 ODI wickets. All three legends took equal number of matches – 60, to make their count of ODI wickets to 100. Shane Warne however went on to grab the most wickets in the end, becoming the second highest wicket taker in history. The other two pacers also had exceptionally good cricketing careers for their respective sides.

Fastest to Take 100 ODI Wickets in History

  1. Saqlain Mushtaq
  2. Shane Bond
  3. Brett Lee
  4. Imran Tahir
  5. Waqar Younis
  6. Irfan Pathan
  7. Morne Morkel
  8. Danis Lille
  9. Shane Warne
  10. Shoaib Akhter

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