Fastest fifty runs partnerships Mike Hussey and Mitchell Johnson

Top 10 Fastest fifty runs partnerships in T20 International cricket

Top 10 Fastest fifty runs partnerships in T20 International cricket

T20 format of the game is fast however when a particular match gets to its ending it gets even wild. Batsmen wanting to finish things on a high node make hasty shots that often creates amazing cricket records. Although that is not the requisite for all the T20I records. However whenever things come to an end in a t20 game, something extraordinary gets going. Fastest fifty in T20I cricket however is a different story as of now. It was the result of sledging between England and Indian players that Yuvraj Singh decided to go flying and reached his fifty in just two overs. On the other hand, fastest fifty runs partnership in T20I is no exception from the last overs’ hitting phenomenon.

Fastest fifty runs partnerships Australia

To be honest, T20I format is all about hitting now a day regardless of which phase of the game you are batting in. From the blazing openers to the sky-cracking tail-enders, every single batter comes with only one job – hard hitting. Because of the shortage of overs in the limited format often partners did not find themselves putting up hundred runs partnerships. But the partnerships of lower scores e.g. fifty, forty or even low, prove to be much vital in team’s total score. Unlike Test and ODI format, highest partnerships are not mandatory in T20 format. However if players get going well it is a blessing.

Fastest fifty runs partnerships India

Fastest fifty runs partnership record in T20 international cricket belongs to Australia. It was the world cup 2010 semifinal when Mike Hussey and Mitchell Johnson, one of the fastest bowlers in normal circumstances, hit the fastest fifty runs partnership to knock Pakistan out. The game was almost lost by the Aussies until Mike Hussey decided to go crazy against Saeed Ajmal. The pair just took 2.4 overs to reach the fifty runs partnership, the fastest evert in T20I till this day.

Top 10 Fastest fifty runs partnerships in T20 International cricket

Partners Wkt Runs Overs RR Opposition
MEK Hussey, MG Johnson (AUS) 8 53* 2.4 19.87 Pakistan
MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh (India) 4 61 3.1 19.26 England
ST Jayasuriya, DPMD Jayawardene (SL) 3 87 4.5 18.00 Kenya
BB McCullum, JD Ryder (NZ) 1 51 2.5 18.00 Scotland
AB de Villiers, JA Morkel (SA) 4 51 3.1 16.10 Scotland
CH Gayle, KA Pollard (WI) 4 65 4.1 15.60 Australia
W Barresi, TLW Cooper (Neth) 4 61 4.0 15.25 Ireland
PW Borren, SJ Myburgh (Neth) 1 91 6.0 15.16  Ireland
MS Dhoni, V Kohli (India) 3 64* 4.3 14.22 West Indies
CD McMillan, JDP Oram (NZ) 6 73 5.2 13.68 India

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