OMG! Cristiano Ronaldo Signed on Chest of Female Fan!

OMG! Cristiano Ronaldo Signed on Chest of Female Fan!

The World Player of the Year was in generous mood as he penned his autograph on a female fan’s shirt before she broke into tears of joy.

Aside from his amazing skill, Ronaldo is also popular among his fans for his looks, charming personality, big heart, and everything else.

Cristiano Ronaldo has also been known for obliging his fans. Time and again, we have seen some incredible moments shared by Ronaldo with his fans. His behaviour proves that he is a full on entertainer, and truly values those for whom he is so popular.

We have seen him pick out young fans and give them hugs and autographs. We have seen him hand over his t-shirt after mistakenly hitting a child in the gallery with his shot. he was told off after he stopped to take a selfie with none other than a pitch intruder. He delayed his team’s post-victory celebrations to spend time with his handicapped fans.

He has also had some very strange encounters with fans. One them was with a woman in the crowd. Cristiano Ronaldo made this female fan burst into tears of joy – by signing his name on her chest.

The Portuguese forward is in Turin with his Real Madrid teammates ahead of their clash with Juventus on Tuesday night.

Cristiano Ronaldo was approached by a hysterical female fan as the players made their way to the team coach after arriving in Italy.

The woman mobbed Cristiano Ronaldo, shoving a pen in his hand for him to sign her shirt. Being the true gentleman he is, he duly obliged.

Clearly overwhelmed by the occasion, the supporter proceeded to break down in tears of joy at meeting her hero.

OMG! Cristiano Ronaldo Signed on Chest of Female Fan!

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