Cristiano Ronaldo gives his son Cristiano Jr a kiss on the cheek [Video]

Cristiano Ronaldo gives his son Cristiano Jr a kiss on the cheek [Video]

Yet another story regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s private life is up I dcvn media. The Real Madrid striker spent the Christmas break in Miami this year instead of Morocco. Thus the media has come up with the reason Cristiano spent Christmas in Miami is because he could have arrangements for yet another child. The 30 year Old Portuguese is already the father of a five year old boy named after him. As reported by some media Cristiano Ronaldo is planning to have more children. The Real Madrid striker revealed sometimes ago that he wants to have five or six children.

‘I think I have good conditions to have many kids so I want this. Let’s find the right woman.’ He told FHM magazine.

Eunice Cristina a famous TV presenter told Portuguese station CMTV ‘Last Christmas he wasn’t with his mum or his brother or sisters because he spent it with Irina and Irina’s mum and sister but Cristianinho was with him. This year he spent Christmas alone in Miami.’

Turning to colleagues she added: ‘Doesn’t Miami ring bells with anyone? Where’s Cristianinho from? Cristianinho comes from Miami as everyone knows.

‘Cristiano has repeatedly said he wants another child. Cristiano went to Miami to make arrangements for that second child.’

The arrangements however were made, as reported, through some surrogates. Cristiano Ronaldo’s first child Cristiano Jr. is also said to have been born in a private clinic in the US with the collaboration of two Mexican surrogate mums. The five year old has never been told the name of his mother. As per Cristiano Ronaldo he will be told the name when he is old enough to understand or even without knowing the mother’s name he will be okay. Cristiano Ronaldo and his mother has given all the mother’s love to the child. Despite being so much rich and famous the Real Madrid striker always prefer to take care of his son by his own self.

Cristiano Ronaldo gives his son Cristiano Jr a kiss on the cheek [Video]

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