Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlo Ancelotti – Best Friends Forever [Video]

Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlo Ancelotti - Best friends Forever [Video]

Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlo Ancelotti – Best Friends Forever [Video]

Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted that he misses Carlo Ancelotti so much. The former Real Madrid manager was sacked by club president at the end of 2014-15 season is still one of the favorites of the Portuguese. Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlo Ancelotti had a special chemistry which ultimately led Real Madrid to success. Under the management of the Italian Cristiano Ronaldo performed better than ever and reached personal heights. Real Madrid also won their 10 European title working under Ancelotti however a bad season saw him saying goodbye to the Whites. Cristiano Ronaldo who was reported to be much angry after the dismissal of Ancelotti has wished to work with him yet again.

“He’s like a big teddy bear, he’s really sensitive and is a great guy. He would speak with us every day, but not just with me, with all of the players. He had great fun with us. He’s a great person and my only wish is that every player gets the chance to work with him because he’s such a great guy and a fantastic coach.”

“I miss him a lot. I want to work with him again, but I’m doing fine now too. I’m working with a new coach and I’m happy now too. But it’s great to have these good memories of him.”

The Italian on the other hand is still jobless, waiting for the right call to answer. According to some reports Manchester United are keen in the services of the former Real Madrid boss after a poor show by Louis Van Gaal this seaason. The Old Trafford side believes that the key to bring back Cristiano Ronaldo also lies in bringing Ancelotti on. The former manager also admires Red Devils as a club worth managing.

“I will continue to wait. If I don’t find a club with a good project, I can wait. What will I do? Watching games, fishing, all these things. But let us see next summer. I will not take a job in mid-season, but I would like to work again next summer.

Of course, for every manager, they would all think of managing Manchester United.”

Meanwhile in the White camp Rafa Benitez is unable to turn things completely in his favor. Real Madrid have just lost their 3rd game of the season raising questions over team’s approach in away games. Manchester United would love to take the advantage of ever-weakening relations between Rafa and Ronaldo and maybe next season we see a reunion of Ancelotti and Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlo Ancelotti – Best Friends Forever [Video]

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