It has bee said that the records are mean to be broken. The proverb is indeed true but in case of Cricket world records, it seems even more realistic. The game of cricket has evolved a lot within a very short span of time and so has become more interesting. Same is the case with Cricket world records; being made and broken almost every new week. It was not much long before when one of the most perceptible cricket world records, 194  runs in an ODI was created by Pakistani opening batsman Saeed Anwar. On the same hand Shahid Afridi held the world record of hitting the fastest ODI century.

Cricket World Records – Batting Bowling and Fielding records in Cricket

Both these cricket world records remained unconquered for a long time and in fact a few years back from now, one would hardly imagine the conquest of them. Cricket was considered to be a game of routines a few years back with almost no uncertainty and thus very low amount of charm in it. Another reason for these cricket world records being invincible for so many years, was the lack of innovation in cricket which leads to the adaptation of modern techniques of playing the game. However, long gone the days when cricket was regarded a pure game of gentlemen. The use of modern technology at one end has made it perceive a lot easier on the other hand cricketers have adopted the most advanced ways of entertaining the audience.

The birth of the most advanced form of cricket i.e. Twenty 20, has impacted all three forms of cricket hugely, making even test matches far more interesting than ever. The fast and daring approach of the cricket players while getting on the crease has made the cricket world records books rearrange frequently. As of today, a double ton in an ODI game has been hit on more than one occasions similarly the fastest ODI century record has been reduced to just 31 balls. In the coming days, a lot more interesting facts are expected to appear in cricket world as excitement is the only way for the better survival of a sport.

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