Top 10 teams with most consecutive wins in cricket history

most consecutive wins in cricket history Australia

Top 10 teams with most consecutive wins in cricket history

Creating an individual cricket record requires a strong temperament added with exceptional skills. However when the record to be made is beyond individuality it turns out to be even more difficult because it requires a whole group’s combined efforts rightly directed to achieve a mutual but demanding goal. Most consecutive wins in cricket or the longest winning streak depicts the amount of consistency a team has collectively and its players on individual levels. In past a well-balanced strong cricket team blessed with majority of its members in good touch would have easily gone to win even a whole season’s matches. However the case is not so much easier in present day cricket. Today even the weakest cricket team possesses the ability to pull off a shocker. Some of the biggest upsets in cricket in the last decade are genuine illustrations of not underrating any team.

most consecutive wins in cricket history Aus

Another reason teams are no more able to record consecutive wins in cricket is that modern day teams are equally balanced sides not just in playing techniques but more importantly on psychological levels. The enterprise of various T20 leagues around the globe has impacted immensely on cricket world. At one end these events have led to the flow of coinage and glamour into the sport on the other these have made players much more familiar with one another. Playing under a same franchise regardless of the national origin has made players significantly confident and that self-reliance comes handy even when playing at national level. As of today, though there are marginally a few stronger teams in the world, no one is the actual king of the game. Also the home ground impact has increased frequently in recent years. Now even top ranked sides feel visibly insecure while on an away tour to the insignificant teams. In major events of International cricket council, these underrated teams might not be a real threat however while at home venues these do not hesitate to pull off a least one victory. Thus ruining a team’s most consecutive wins streak.

most consecutive wins in cricket history Pakistan

Exploring back into cricket history, the record of most consecutive wins in cricket belongs to Australia. A side with highest percentage of success rate in almost every aspect of the game. The mighty Aussies kept an intact feat of winning 20 consecutive matches (all three formats combined) from 11 January 2003 to 1 may 2003. In fact the second and third places in most consecutive wins in cricket list also belong to the same side which is then followed by the unpredictable Pakistanis. Though they are pretty reliable in this particular case. Have a look at which other side has a place in the unique most consecutive wins in cricket history feat.

Top 10 teams with most consecutive wins in cricket history

Team No. of matches won Date
Australia 20 11 Jan 2003 – 1 May 2003
Australia 16 23 Nov 2000 – 27 Feb 2001
Australia 16 21 Oct 2006 – 28 Jan 2007
Pakistan 14 27 Apr 1990 -15 Nov 1990
Pakistan 14 18 Nov 2011 – 10 Feb 2012
Pakistan 13 28 Oct 2001 – 15 Feb 2002
South Africa 13 2 Jan 2008 – 14 Mar 2008
Pakistan 12 21 Jan 2008 – 8 Jun 2008
Australia 12 16 Dec 2009 – 9 Feb 2010
Sri Lanka 12 12 Feb 2014 – 24 Mar 2014

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