Brazil star Neymar shows dancing skills on live TV

Brazil star Neymar shows dancing skills on live TV 

The Barcelona superstar showed his feet aren’t just good for football. He danced on live TV in Brazil, just before the upcoming Rio Olympics, and won hearts.

Brazil star Neymar shows dancing skills on live TV

Neymar shows dancing skills
Neymar proved he is no amateur when it comes to dance

The footballer boogied alongside model and ballerina Larissa Parison. It was on Globo TV’s show Ding Dong to the wolf whistles and the claps of the audience.

He expertly moved with his brunette partner across the TV set. It instantly became a dance floor when they were joined by others dressed in bright green and white.

The rest of the guests on the show as well as the spectators were thrilled. They all applauded the 24-year-old’s display and cheered throughout his dance display.

Brazil is warming up for the Summer Olympics. It’s about to start in just over two weeks. And the country’s football icon has visibly been enjoying his time off.

Neymar will lead the host nation’s football team in the biggest sporting event in the world.

And the country will be finally hoping for immense success. They have suffered embarrassing defeats in both the World Cup 2014 and Copa America 2016.

Brazilian national coach Tite, 55, recently warned fans of “over-pressurising” Neymar. He also objected to being “inhuman” by expecting him to shoulder the responsibility of delivering a piece of silverware to the football-mad country.

Neymar shows dancing skills
He can calmly handle any stress

“I want to be dependent on Neymar,” he said, as the squad went through its first training session for the Rio Games.

 “What coach in the world would not want a Neymar in his team? They say it’s not good to be dependent on Neymar, but I do not agree: I would always have a Neymar in my team.”


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