Top 10 Bowlers with most maiden overs in T20 International cricket

most maiden overs in T20 Amir

Top 10 Bowlers with most maiden overs in T20 International cricket

Most maiden overs in T20 International matches record is the one which is equally hard to create and then to maintain. A few of the bowlers in cricket world have been able to keep up their line and length so accurate as to avoid a single run in a T20 over. Cricket is a cruel game isn’t it? Especially when you are a bowler and the forma is of Twenty 20. At one hand there are bowlers conceding six sixes in an over while others manage to avoid even a single.  Bowlers like Samuel Badree and Sunil Narine might be the ones with the best career economy rate in shortest format, however when it comes to most maiden overs, they are nowhere to be found.

most maiden overs in T20 Kulasekara

In fact although the list is again dominated by spinners they are not on top. The top spot of the most maiden overs in T20i list is claimed by Nuwan Kulasekara. The Sri Lankan T20 specialist has time and again proved his worth in limited overs game for his team. Playing 50 T20I matches so far Kulasekara has bowled a total of 176 overs. Of all these overs bowled only 6 have been passed without conceding a single run. Although it might not sound a great number but reconsidering the fact that we are talking about t20 format, the feat sounds incredible. More surprisingly no other bowler has the equal number of maiden overs in T20 international as the Lankan does.

most maiden overs in T20 Mohammad Amir

Mohammad Amir, Harbhajan Singh, Ajantha Mendis, Mohammad Nabi and Johnston from Ireland are the other bowler having recorded the 5 maiden overs in T20I each. Similarly there are various bowlers who have the record of 4 or less maiden overs in their entire T20I career. However not even one’s cricket records are safe because as there is batting records are increasing so does the quality in bowling. The funny part is a bowler even cannot do but look at his record getting past by another. Or the best he could do is to add more maiden overs to his existing list but that again is very very tough job. Top 10 bowlers with most maiden overs in T20I as of today stand as under.

Top 10 Bowlers with most maiden overs in T20 International cricket

Player Span Mat Overs Mdns Runs Wkts
KMDN Kulasekara (SL) 2008-2016 50 176.1 6 1280 56
Harbhajan Singh (India) 2006-2016 28 102.0 5 633 25
DT Johnston (IRE) 2008-2013 30 99.0 5 636 32
BAW Mendis (SL) 2008-2014 39 147.3 5 952 66
Mohammad Amir (PAK) 2009-2016 30 111.0 5 789 34
Mohammad Nabi (Afg) 2010-2016 45 163.0 5 1126 47
Abdur Razzak (Ban) 2006-2014 34 121.4 4 838 44
Mudassar Bukhari (Neth) 2008-2016 38 117.2 4 780 43
JJ Bumrah (India) 2016-2016 21 79.3 4 527 28
AD Mathews (SL) 2009-2016 66 149.1 4 993


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