Bowlers with most five wicket hauls Dale Steyn

Top 10 Bowlers with most five wicket hauls in career

Top 10 Bowlers with most five wicket hauls in career

What will be the equivalent of a century on debut for a debutant bowler? The word hat-trick might hit some guys’ mind but believe me that’s too much for a mere hundred run. As a matter of fact, a debut century in ODI can be measured with a five wicket hauls of a bowler. Let debut alone apart, a century scored in every game should be of a value of five wickets taken by batsmen. And as for the equivalent of a hat-trick, a double hundred in limited over game would be the more appropriate corresponding. Some might argue that why this irrelevant baseless debate is going on? The answer to their query is that cricket is a game of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. So why should not we be supposing something innovative.

Bowlers with most five wicket hauls Shane Warne

Coming back on to the most five wicket hauls in career. There are several bowlers in cricket history with the feat on their name. Taking five or more wickets in a test match is not of so much resistance because a bowler gets a lot of overs to bowl targeting the wicket of batsmen. In test matches there is no real concern of a little flow of runs as well. Moreover bowlers tend to offer some opportunities for the batsmen so they would make some mistake while going for the play. Batsmen too, did not go for the kill all the time in test games thus reducing higher economy rate chances.

Bowlers with most five wicket hauls Muralitharan

On the other hand, limited over cricket is whole different mindset. With only a specified number of balls to play batsmen go for the hitting. Similarly bowlers have to keep the detail of every single delivery in mind. 10 overs in ODI and 4 in T20s is all a bowler gets to bowl. Taking five wickets in 10 overs is what really matters in cricket. Interestingly there are a few bowlers who have done it in a single over alone but that is something unusually rare. Bowlers with most five wickets hauls deserve to be praised for their consistency in fact. Taking five or more wickets gets easier when against inexperienced teams or bowling to the tail-enders. However, most five hauls takers are some of the exceptionally great bowlers having the honor to have done it against all sides.

Muttiah Muralitharan is the prime leader in most five wicket hauls in career list. The Sri Lankan spin magician has dismissed five or more batsmen on 77 occasions across all three formats of the game. His stats along with the nine more exceptionally talented bowlers are as under.

Top 10 Bowlers with most five wicket hauls in career

Player Span Matches Innings Balls Runs Wickets 5 Wkts.
M Muralitharan 1992-2011 495 583 63132 30803 1347 77
Sir RJ Hadlee 1973-1990 201 262 28100 13018 589 41
SK Warne 1992-2007 339 464 51347 25536 1001 38
A Kumble 1990-2008 403 501 55346 28767 956 37
GD McGrath 1993-2007 376 493 42266 20656 949 36
Waqar Younis 1989-2003 349 412 28922 18707 789 35
Wasim Akram 1984-2003 460 532 40813 21591 916 31
DW Steyn 2004-2016 236 305 23460 14698 639 28
Harbhajan Singh 1998-2016 367 444 41671 23143 711 28
IT Botham 1976-1992 218 283 28086 15017 528 27

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