Top 05 Best winning celebrations in Cricket

Best winning celebrations in Cricket push ups and salute

Top 05 Best winning celebrations in Cricket

Best winning celebrations in cricket field are not a new term. Since the start of the sport, the norm of celebrating a victory has become a regularity. Although cricket is just a game being played for the sake of entertainment and enjoyment, in recent years it has become more than a mere sports. The rivalries between the teams and level of competition has made the game a lot more competitive. Known as the gentlemen’s game, cricket is no more a simple sport aiming at the sport spirit. Though the end product always comes positive, during the games there occur many incidents that ruin the spirit of the game.

Nevertheless, it is still one of the best sports in the world and will keep getting better. The amount of rivalries has certainly raise the standards of the game as well. At present getting victorious is not that much easy. Teams have to put their all in claiming a victory no matter who their opponent is. And when finally the job has done, an epic winning celebration seems rightful. History has witnessed some of the best winning celebrations in cricket especially in clashes between two arch rivals. However this is not the case always. Sometimes these best winning celebrations in cricket are more of a publicity stunt. None can deny the power of social media and to get hit on these platforms one needs to be unique. This sense of inimitability often leads to something extraordinary.

Cutting the long story short; some of the best winning celebrations in cricket are as under.

Top 05 Best winning celebrations in Cricket

5. The Chicken Dance

Best winning celebrations in Cricket Chicken Dance

Cricket Ireland is renowned for its upsetting nature in the world of sports. The side which is responsible for some of the biggest upsets in cricket, never stops surprising. It was during World Cup 2007 where they eliminated Pakistan to make sure their place in Super Eights. However the famous beat down for Pakistan was followed by what can be listed as one of the best winning celebrations in cricket. Initiated by the captain Trent Johnston the celebration kept going into the world cup 2011 as well. The reason for its name is simply being the resemblance of its moves to a chicken flapping its wings.

4. The ‘Sprinkler’

Best winning celebrations in Cricket the sprinkler

First seen at the end of the famous Ashes Series 2010 by England cricket team. Sprinkler celebrations are more of some dance moves. Putting one hand behind your neck and waving the other in air while moving in a circle is known as the sprinkler celebrations. It was reported that English team has been practicing the moves for quite a time. After retaining the Ashes trophy in more than 20 years the side celebrated their victory by these moves. One of the best winning celebrations in cricket was originally started by Paul Collingwood. England cricket team later on claimed these moves o be their version of traditional ‘Haka’.

3. The ‘Gangnam’

Best winning celebrations in Cricket gangnam dance

Inspired by the popular Psy’s music video ‘Gangnam Style’, it needs no introduction. On its release the video was one of the most viral one on all platforms. The Gangnam fever then grabbed West Indian cricket team as well. After winning the T20 world cup all West Indian players went Gangnam making the moment worth living. It was originally introduced by Chris Gayle in the West Indian camp. No wonders why he is the best entertainer in cricket word.

2. The ‘Champion’ move

Best winning celebrations in Cricket Champions dance

Again the unstoppable West Indian with one of the best wining celebrations on yet another title win. West Indies claimed their second T20 world cup in 2016 and how can they let go this joyous occasion without making their mark? This time it was DJ Bravo whose multitalented mind came up with the idea of celebrating in style. In fact the champions is a fully recorded song, sung by the player himself. The glimpse of champions dance was evident even during the regular games however it was after winning the final match when the grand celebrations took place.

1. The push-ups

Best winning celebrations in Cricket Push ups

Pakistan cricket team also came up with their unique version of celebrations this year. The side who has claimed a historic win at Lord’s against England fought hard to reach at this spot. Before their tour of England Pakistan team was trained by army instructors at Kakul Military Academy Abbottabad. The hard work done by the instructors finally bore fruit as team Pakistan beaten English side on their home. Misbah Ul Haq was the first player to do the push up followed by a salute celebrations as he claimed his first century against England at Lord’s. However the whole playing XI then paid tribute to the army as they notched up a huge victory.

Top 05 Best winning celebrations in Cricket

  1. The Chicken Dance
  2. The ‘Sprinkler’
  3. The ‘Gangnam’
  4. The ‘Champion’ move
  5. The push-ups

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