Spirit of Cricket moments Brett Lee and Flintoff

Best Spirit of Cricket moments that won millions of Hearts

Best Spirit of Cricket moments that won millions of Hearts

Cricket rivalries are not a new thing in the history of the sport. Countries like Pakistan vs India, England and Australia and New Zealand Australia as well are considered to be the arch rivals when it comes to the cricket matches. This sense of challenge provides a much better competition to the sides thus attracting more audience in the grounds ultimately promoting the game and improving its playing standard. Often during these fierce clashes the extremely rose up testosterone level causes momentarily spits between the rival players. Sledging, verbal exchange and various other tactics are the part of modern day game. However the good thing is, even the biggest of rivals get together once the competition ends. These spirit of cricket moments are what everyone loves above all the fieriest of rivalries.

 At one end the cricket history is full of incidents that caused a real heat-up between the players while there is no shortage of spirit of cricket moments that won millions of the fans’ hearts. Here we have compiled the best of such spirit of cricket moments to revive the actual purpose of the sport – that is to be a human above all the things.

Best Spirit of Cricket moments that won millions of Hearts

08. Protea’s tribute to Sangakkara and Jayawardene

Spirit of Cricket moments South Africa vs Sri Lanka

Who can forget the South African cricket team reaching the semifinal of World Cup 2015? Considering the reputation of being ‘the chockers’ it was a great moment for AB de Villiers and co. when they beaten Sri Lanka to claim the WC 2015 semifinal seat. However in their moment of happiness, they never elapsed the fact that both Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene was playing their last game for Sri Lanka. So keeping aside all the celebrations, South African team especially AB de Villiers and Quinton de Kock produced one of the best spirit of cricket moments when they paid their tribute to the retiring legends.

07. Cool and Calm Shahid Afridi


Shahid Afridi is one of the biggest names in aggressive natured batting style. The Pakistani all-rounder loves being aggressive both in batting and rapidly-fired googlies. Not just this the star player is one of the most active fielder in the side and the glimpse of this swiftness is even apparent in his daily accent.  So when hit by a beamer usually he is not expected to keep calm being from the blood-boiling caste of Pathans. However often during the games when hit by a ball Shahid Afridi has displayed great gestures to remain calm and take the game as a game. Though receiving a prohibited delivery like beamer is often hard to control but this time he managed to keep himself cool on Kiwi bowler Jacob Oram’s lethal ball.

06. Nuwan Kulasekara’s fair play

Spirit of Cricket moments Sri lanka

The same WC 2015 quarter final match between Sri Lanka and South Africa where Protea players honored the opposition even after claiming the victory. In fact it was the show of fair play from Sri Lankans first that compelled South Africa to payback the respect Lankans have given to the game.  Nuwan Kulasekara being a good batting option could have created troubles in South Africa’s win. However the player even after being declared not out continued to walk off the crease crafting one of the rarest spirit of cricket moments in cricket history. Rare in a sense that not many of the players are expected to walk off in a crucial game like the world cup quarter final. Adam Gilchrist however had done the same years ago.

05. Daniel Vettori not going for the run out

Spirit of Cricket moments Daniel Vettori

Run outs are not easy to handle for a player as well as the whole team and if the player getting out is not even responsible for the disaster things get even harsh. However what if a batter is unintentionally obstructed by the fielding side player causing him to be run out? Don’t know of others but former Kiwi skipper Daniel Vettori simply withdrawn from the claim when the same happened during a match against Zimbabwe.

04. Courtney Walsh not mankading Jaffar

Spirit of Cricket moments Courteny Walsh

When it comes to world cup matches teams tend to put all their efforts in for the victory. However during the 1987 world cup match between Pakistan and West Indies, the West Indian great Courtly Walsh did not go for mankading Jaffar. Pakistan required just two runs off the final ball when one of the fastest bowlers in history got the chance to get him out. Eventually Pakistan went on to win the game progressing for the Semifinal Final of the event. Despite the greatest spirit of cricket moments displayed by the West India legend the West Indies U-19 side claimed their place into U-19 world cup semifinal last year through mankading. Looks like the boys yet need to learn a lot eh?

03. New Zealand sharing the grief with Aussies on Hughe’s loss

Spirit of Cricket moments

The death of Australian batter Phillip Hughes was one of the saddest incident in cricket history that left million hearts mourn. The Aussie player was the victim of one of the worst cricket injuries that took his life. During the series Australia played against New Zealand soon after the tragic incident, Kiwi side displayed some of the great show of respect not celebrating any wicket or even after winning the matches.

02. When South Africa’s hearts got broken

Spirit of Cricket moments Dale Styen and Grant Elliot

World Cup 2015 will be remembered for a long time for so many reasons. One of the main reason for its recollection will certainly be the level of competition it offered to the sides. South Africa were knocked out of the semifinal of the event by New Zealand who eventually lost in Final as well. The last ball thriller between Kiwi and Protea side was a show worth watching. New Zealand securing a place in the final on the last ball however that broke South African players’ hearts. Dale Steyn was the bowler when Grant Elliot hit the final six to crush South Africa’s dream to win their first ever mega even title. Instead of celebrating their last ball victory Grant Elliot headed for the bowler Del Steyn and helped him get on his feet – one of the best spirit of cricket moments world has ever witnessed.

01. Flintoff consoling Brett Lee

Spirit of Cricket moments Brett Lee and Flintoff

The reason for keeping this one of the best spirit of cricket moments on top place is obvious. In cricket world there are two rivalries biggest of all the competitions i.e. India vs Pakistan and Australia vs England especially during The Ashes series. During the fieriest cricketing competition in the world players literally turn into the warriors in order to claim the title. However in a rarest of incidents during the 2005 Ashes when England won a nail biting game by 2 runs to reclaim the title, Brett Lee was left heart-broken on the pitch as Flintoff approached him to console while all his teammates were celebrating.

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