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Best Real Skee Ball Machine Table For Sale In 2021

In this digital era, everyone is ticking to their devices even if they are sitting in the same room. Granted, it’ll enhance their digital skills, but how their human interaction will be boosted. In this regard, they might need some gatherings and play some games to fresh their minds. Indoor games are a great way for recreational fun at home. Purchasing the best skee ball machine will be a great initiative to interact with your family and friends in a positive way.

Having a skee ball machine at home will eliminate the need to visit the gaming arcade. The skee ball isn’t a modern game. It’s being played since 1908. Playing this game is simply fast and fun, and most of that, it’s a skill. When you are going to buy a skee ball machine, make sure it is versatile and has exciting features that will keep everyone engaged. Moreover, try to compare top products and then finalize one of them.

Choosing the best skee ball machine for home is a challenging task, and many people can’t do it on their own. In this regard, for your easiness, we have selected the top six machines that will perfect according to your need. After spending countless hours, we have finalized the list and compiled each product’s features and other details. So, let’s have a look at the top skee ball machines.

1. Barrington Collection Premium Roll- Professional Roll and Score Machine

Attractive features in this machine:

  • The dimensions of this skee ball machine are 119.5 x 24.75 x 56.75 inches, and its weight is 185.9 pounds.
  • The rustic design has essence and aesthetics like an original ball scoring game in the bar.
  • Featured with quick response, auto ball return, LED lights, Sound effects, slick and unblemished ramp to incite excitement.
  • Incredibly versatile machine that can be placed in basement or game room as a decorative piece to your room
  • The material used in it is MDF, PVC, Metal, ABS, and oak finish; moreover, it has two playing modes and a vintage design.
  • Sturdy machine
  • Attractive design
  • Durable material
  • Good grip balls
  • Made of high-quality material
  • versatile machine
  • A bit heavy but stable
  • Dim lights

Having a Barrington Collection Premium Roll skee ball machine, you are sure to have fun with your family. The brand Barrington is known for manufacturing the best quality gaming accessories, and their models meet high standards. Moreover, you will be amazed by its sturdiness. Its body is made of oak wood accents, and the legs are framed with iron trimmings. Having such materials in its construction makes it clear that it’s a durable option.

Furthermore, it has many high-tech features like auto ball return, Jumbo scorer, and slick ramp. The key feature of this machine is its LED score display that will keep your children captivated. Moreover, this skee ball machine would be a great choice if you want some rustic feel. Additionally, it comes with balls that are made of squeezable rubber that offer ample grip. Overall, it is one of the heaviest models and offers you an arcade feeling while playing on it.


2. Hall of Games 108″ Roll and Score Game- Vintage Skee ball 9-foot Machine

Attractive features in this machine:

  • The dimensions of this skee ball machine are 107″ x 24. 5″ x 60. 75″ and its weight is 125 pounds.
  • One-piece solid construction that features a 1/2″ playing surface that has print graphics and black PVC laminate.
  • Comes with built-in LED light and arcade sound effects to make the game more entertaining.
  • Features include automatic ball return, ABS scoring rings, cross panel support for durability, sturdy leg construction.
  • Its accessories include four balls, and mostly it fits all game rooms.
  • Easy assembly
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Excellent sound effects
  • Easy to operate
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • LED lights
  • Legs can scratch the floor

The Hall of Games 108″ Roll and Score Game is an excellent choice if you want some pleasant sound effects. Keeping sound effects aside, its high-quality graphics will add aesthetic value and offer a brilliant look. Moreover, it comes with push control buttons that make it easy to use. You are required just a few seconds to start and restart the game.

Furthermore, the machine features a clear acrylic cover that is designed in such a way as to keep the ball from flying off the unit. No worry about damaging your TV set due to flying balls if you place it in your room. Its size is reasonable and fits almost every room. Having such amazing features make this model on of the best skee ball machine.


3. Lancaster 108 Inch Classic Skee Ball Machine- Roll and Score Machine Table

Attractive features in this machine:

  • The dimensions of this skee ball machine are 107″ x 24. 5″ x 60. 75″ and its weight is 124.75 pounds.
  • Roll balls down the alley and get them through bulls-eye target rings; includes four balls.
  • Feeling of the arcade in your game with brilliant LED electronic scorer, sound effects, and push button controls.
  • Automatic built-in ball return feature that sends the ball back to you automatically.
  • Made of premium quality material and has a wood grain finish to create an excellent piece of furniture
  • Premium quality machine
  • Easy assembling
  • Affordable
  • Arcade feeling with advanced effects
  • Auto ball return
  • Loudy
  • Doesn’t cunt the scores

If you want the value of your money within a reasonable price, then the Lancaster 108 Inch Classic Skee Ball Machine is a perfect choice. This fun-filled game has impressive features for the whole family playing through all night. The model has an LED electric scorer with brilliant sound effects and an automatic ball return function at such a reasonable price.

Furthermore, the machine is made of high-quality material. Moreover, it has a grain wood finish that will not only last long but also enhances the product’s aesthetics. Having unique textures, it will add beauty to your room as a stunning decorative piece. Additionally, it has control push buttons that means it isn’t tricky for children to use the machine.


4. Hathaway Boardwalk Arcade Skee Ball Table- Outdoor Arcade Games Machine

Attractive features in this machine:

  • The dimensions of this skee ball machine are 99 x 25.75 x 53 inches, and its weight is 103.5 pounds.
  • LED sides lighting with stunning sound effects and oak melamine surface that looks brilliant to the eyes.
  • Quality material used in its construction that ensures its long-lasting, durability, and stability
  • Comes with six 2.5-inch semi-soft playing balls and has an auto ball return feature.
  • Featured with competitive two-player mode, and everyone will love its smooth playing surface.
  • Visually appealing machine
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Awesome sidelights
  • Competitive two players mode
  • Six playing balls included
  • Amazing sound effects
  • A little bit odd scoring design
  • Noisy

The Hathaway Boardwalk Arcade Skee Ball Table has a classic look, and indeed everyone will love it. It is a perfect choice if you want some vintage skee ball machine. The model is made of engineered wood and has a durable construction to impress everyone. The manufacturers didn’t compromise on its aesthetics. Moreover, its rich oak finish makes it in game room more appealing.

Furthermore, the unit has every feature to make your night interesting with sidelights and modern targets. Before buying, make sure you have enough space because it’s a larger machine and has fairly heavyweight. Moreover, you will fall in love with its soft balls that are lighter as compared to other balls. Though the machine is noisy, you will find it one of the best skee ball machines.


5. Hot Shot 8-ft Arcade Ball Table- Portable Skeet ball Machine

Attractive features in this machine:

  • The dimensions of this skee ball machine are 96 x 24.8 x 51.75 inches, and its weight is 93 pounds.
  • Featured with two players’ electronic scoring system to count the scores of players individually.
  • MDF playing surface with sideline graphics and scratch resistance playing surface
  • Storage is easy due to space-saving foldable design and has leg stabilizers with non-skid pads.
  • Featured with Molded ABS scoring rings
  • Cheap rates
  • Space-saving unit
  • Lightweight Machine
  • Two player scoring system
  • Scratch resistance playing surface
  • Easy to use
  • Makes noise
  • Assembling is difficult

If you have a tight budget and want a product with rich functionality, then the Hot Shot 8-ft Arcade Ball Table would be excellent to purchase. Its eye-catching graphics would make your little ones happy with excitement. Additionally, it is designed for two people and features an electronic scoring system to update the score automatically without disturbing the game.

Furthermore, the machine will fit perfectly if you have minimal space. Moreover, the model is not big and lightweight as compared to other models having such features. You might be thinking about destabilizing due to its lightweight. You don’t need to worry about this because it has leg stabilizers to keep the machine in place while playing.


6. Sharper Image Speedball Game- Home used Kids Mini Skee Ball Table

Attractive features in this machine:

  • The dimensions of this skee ball machine are 26 x 13 x 13 inches, and its weight is 3.85 pounds.
  • Comes with real wooden-made balls and a classic arcade-style speedball game machine.
  • Easy to store due to compact size and highly portable skee ball machine. However, the setup isn’t more straightforward.
  • Perfect for tournament matches and head-to-head play, need to set up on flat surfaces.
  • Fully made of wood and a perfect idea for a gift to your friend or family member.
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Easy to pick up
  • Set up on any smooth surface
  • Compact size and easy storage
  • Two player machine
  • Fully made of wood
  • Doesn’t include a surface to roll the ball

The Sharper Image Speedball Game is a highly portable skee ball machine with compact size among all on the list. Moreover, it is the lightest machine on the list because it doesn’t include a surface to roll the ball. To play the game, you have to place the machine on a smooth surface for rolling the ball. Having compact size and lightweight, you can easily transport it anywhere.

Furthermore, the machine includes a collapsible speedball, scoring sheet pads, and five wooden balls. The key point of this model is it has an easily foldable design for easy setup and compact storage. Additionally, it is entirely made of wood. Even the balls that come with it are made of wood. Adding more, it has six different targets with different point values. Overall, it is the best portable skee ball machine having a compact size.



While choosing the skee ball machine, don’t ignore the quality if you want fantastic fun at home. Moreover, purchase such a machine that has features which are most important to you. For example, it has manual scoring or a digital scoreboard, and many other attractive features. Furthermore, explore that it has an elegant look that will attract your family to play this game at home.

In this best skee ball machine review, we have tried to list down the top choices. All of them are perfect and suit to different needs of someone. But if you assist in choosing the one ultimate machine, then we will suggest you Barrington Collection Premium Game Set to have. It has sound effects, LED lights, and all the attractive features that will incite excitement.


Can other balls be used than those coming with the machine?

Although you can use other balls on this machine, we will strongly recommend using balls that come with the machine. This is why because they are specially manufactured for a particular machine and according to the dimensions of the scoring ring.

Are there any age limitations to play skee ball machines?

The skee ball game doesn’t require a lot of force, and all of the above-listed machines are best for adults. It means everyone from kids to adults can lay this game easily. However, there are some models that are specifically designed for kids having small sizes.

Can I play skee ball outdoors?

Skee ball is typically an indoor game, and it is suited to play indoors. But still, if you want to play it outdoors, then some models are compatible with playing outdoors. That models are weather resistant and will let you play with your friends on a nice sunny day.

Do I need to buy Skee Balls?

The skee ball machines in our list come with balls included. If you purchase any product from the above list, then you don’t need to buy the balls separately. It’ll be better to have some extra balls in case of damage or loss.

How long is a skee ball machine?

Generally, the skee ball machines are ten feet long, 30 inches wide, and 85 to 90 inches tall. Moreover, they require 2 feet of extra space on each side to play better. So, keep in mind all these dimensions and then purchase a perfect machine.

How to select the best skee ball machine- BUYING GUIDE

Suppose you go to the market. Almost all machines look identical, and it’s hard to pick one of them. You need to consider some features and factors that will lead you toward the perfect skee ball machine in such circumstances. So, what are tat factors? Let’s have a detailed look at them.


Obviously, the material is such a factor that depends on every product that you buy. Typically, the fabric of the skee ball table will lead you towards a quality and durable product. Make sure such a product utilizes high-quality material and ensures durability in its manufacturing. In this regard, oak and iron are the best examples of high-quality material.

On the other hand, when it comes to acrylic cover versus metal cover, both of them are considered long-lasting. However, the metal could hold up better as compared to acrylic.

Space and Dimensions:

Before making your final decision, make sure to measure the space where you are going to install the skee ball machine. Because if you buy a larger machine than your reserved space, then it could be challenging to install. Moreover, you are required to free a minimum of two feet of space around the table for players to stand. Also, think that whether it will be perfect through doorways leading to the game room or not.

Aesthetics of Machine:

The machine’s aesthetics will be great if a high-quality material is used in it. Certain materials like oak make the product more appealing and visually better. Before buying the machine, you need to figure out the style which type of machine you want. Either it should have a modern, traditional, or rustic vibe. Keep in mind that high aesthetics means a more expensive machine.

Playing Audience:

Is the skee ball machine that you are buying is good for kids or adults? Who will be playing on it? Are they professional or your family member that wants just a little bit of fun. While buying the skee ball machine, you will be sure who is gonna use that.

There are some machines that are just made for kids. On the other hand, some machines are for professionals and adults. However, you can also get some machines that are perfect for both adults and kids equally.


Different skee ball machines come with different numbers of balls and different varieties. Consider a table with more balls if you will purchase it for fun with your family and friends. This is why because you need extra balls for extra members. On the other hand, if it’s just for you, then a sufficient amount of balls will be good.

Furthermore, consider the material used in the construction of the ball. Mostly, the balls are made of wood, rubber, or ceramic material. Consider that one that is easy to grip and has no slippage.


Price is such a factor that is universal for every product. Everyone wants to have the best product with minimum expenditures. If we talk about skee ball machines, if you go for lower price models, then you may have to compromise the quality. On the other hand, pricey machines ensure the quality and ensure the longevity of the machine.

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