Best Ping Pong Robot In 2021 – Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you serious about playing ping pong? If yes, then you need proper practice to polish your ping pong skills as much as possible. Generally, you need a practice buddy to do so. Even if someone is ready to practice, it’s tough to match schedules and goals. For this purpose, a ping pong robot will be a great idea. Having the best ping pong robot can really improve your game and gives you exactly what you want.

If you have a high-quality ping pong robot, it can cast the ball at the same spot with the exact speed and spin you have programmed in it. Not only this, but these robots also offer consistency when you compare them with your buddy. Having perfect, quick, long-lasting, and intensive practice sessions with a ping pong robot, you will improve your footwork and focus on the ball.

Generally, there are many picks available in the market. But for this article, we have scrutinized some of the best and affordable choices. By going through this ping pong robot review, you will definitely get a robot that will fulfill your needs. So, without delay, let’s have a closer look at these top ping pong robots.

1. Practice Partner Butterfly Table Tennis Robot- Fun Ball Shooter

Best features in this robot:

  • The robot has a capacity of 200 balls for better and sharp practice.
  • The ball thrower has a frequency of 25-80 balls per minute. Adjustable frequency according to your choice.
  • Produces different spinning options like backspin, topspin, or sidespin. Moreover, it serves 2 bounces or returns 1 bounce.
  • The ball feed unit is made of alloy and has resistant rubber to stabilize ball placement and direction.
  • To get different angles and trajectories, it can be placed anywhere on the table.
  • Best serving returns
  • Durable
  • Works with all types of balls
  • Different spinning options
  • Better placement and stability of the ball
  • adjustable frequency of throwing the ball
  • Heavyweight

If you are looking for such a ping pong robot that is best for both amateur and professionals, then Practice Partner Butterfly Table Tennis Robot will be a great choice. Though this model looks very small but it’s actually a heavy model and feels very sturdy because it’s made of metal. Moreover, the construction material used in it makes it durable and long-lasting.

Furthermore, you can set it on the table at different positions to deliver the balls. It’s not like most tables that are fixed. This advanced featured table comes with 200 balls that are enough for a good practice session. Moreover, it has adjustable frequency settings, and you can adjust 25 to 80 balls per minute. Not only this, but it also has different spinning options to train you best for different conditions.


2. Butterfly Amicus Professional Table Tennis Robot- Fantastic Ball Launcher

Best features in this robot:

  • Comes with adjustable ball frequency from 5-120 balls per minute with IFC (Individual Frequency Control)
  • Featured with cycle mode that allows you to set break intervals and pauses in your practice.
  • Trajectory, spin, and speed options are adjustable for better practice according to a defined situation.
  • Comes with a wireless remote to control the frequency and turning it on or off.
  • Featured with 8 pre-exercise shots and 99 savable sequences that all are in-built.
  • Reliable and durable
  • Needs low maintenance
  • Premium features
  • Adjustable frequency, speed, and other options
  • Remote control
  • Easy to operate
  • Not good for beginners

Sometimes you need intense training to polish your skills and stand well in tournaments. For this purpose, Butterfly Amicus Professional Table Tennis Robot is an ideal choice for you. This professional robot is highly functional and well-equipped. The best thing about it you can adjust the ball throwing intervals suitably.

Furthermore, it has Individual Frequency Controls (IFC) feature to set up that throwing interval. Besides this, it also has the cycle mode that allows you to break and pause during training with the machine. Its frequency control feature allows you to set the rate of throwing balls in a minute. Moreover, it can save up to 99 sequences and comes with 8 pre-exercise shots. Not only this. It also has a wireless remote to control it from a distance easily.


3. ZXMOTO Ping Pong Robot Machine- Automatic Ball Machine

Best features in this robot:

  • Comes with 110 ping pong balls, and it can carry all of them to save you from reloading it again and again.
  • Simple assembling and the robot can serve 36 types of turning balls for better training.
  • Featured with different spin options like backspin, topspin, sidespin, and mixes. Moreover, single-serve and two-end serve choices are accessible.
  • The position of the ping pong robot is adjustable according to your own choices.
  • 36 spin types
  • Easy setup
  • Can carry up to 110 balls
  • Adjustable position
  • Easy to use
  • Don’t have different speed options
  • Will not operate on less than 15 balls

Having a capacity of 120 balls and different types of spins, ZXMOTO Ping Pong Robot Machine is a great choice. It is an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced level players. Moreover, the robot has an integrated ball container that can contain up to 120 balls. You can also configure the settings with a wired remote. The length of the remote wire is enough to reach you and control the machine quite effectively.

Another key point is that it is straightforward to set up and take down and adjusting the angles. This flexibility means a lot for both novice to pro players. Moreover, the robot uses the international standards of the balls having a diameter of 40mm. Above all, it has different 36 types of spins to train you well according to different situations. Overall, it’s a great robot for training and becoming a professional player.


4. iPong PRO Table Tennis Training Robot- With Oscillation and Remote

Best features in this robot:

  • Featured with a top-notch motor and has a shooting wheel.
  • Can hold up to 100 balls and throw the balls with 30 to 70 balls per minute.
  • Made from high-quality, long-lasting, and durable plastic.
  • Has a wired remote set up to control the robot from the desired distance.
  • Adjustable features like side-to-side oscillation, ball frequency, spin speed, and ball speed.
  • Can be assembled in seconds, and it includes an iPong, A/C adapter, and instruction manual.
  • Quiet operation
  • Improved accuracy and consistency
  • Easy to carry, weighing just 2.5 pounds
  • 100+ balls capacity
  • East to setup
  • Wired remote control
  • Flimsy plastic construction
  • Oscillation is fast that is not good for beginners

If you want to have a simple and easy-to-use ping pong robot, then iPong PRO Table Tennis Training Robot will be a great choice. It’s a high-quality robot having top-notch features and allows you to train with ease and absolute precision. Having this robot, you can create exciting oscillations to the ball for better training.

Furthermore, you can set the frequency of ball throwing according to your movement rate. You can also spin the ball in different directions while training with it. Moreover, it also comes with a wired remote through which you can control all the above-mentioned features in your hand while training. One more thing, it comes with an unconventional feeder disc that prevents the ball from jamming inside the robot and can throw 100 balls continuously.


5. Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+ Table Tennis Robot- Robot with Catch Net

Best features in this robot:

  • Improve the game with 48 2 star balls and has an updated handle to control 40+ balls.
  • Featured with analog controls to adjust ball speed, frequency, and oscillation. Moreover, comes with a recycling net system with side nets.
  • Has options of different shot selection like push, serve, chop, fast loop, counter, and Lob.
  • Comes with different spin options like topspin, backspin, left-side spin, right-side spin, and combination spin.
  • Easy to setup, takedown, and store. Moreover, it fits all standard ping pong tables.
  • Controllable ball speed
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with 48 balls
  • Different spin options
  • Side net
  • fits on all standard ping pong tables
  • Ball capacity is low

The Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+ Table Tennis Robot comes with 48 2 star balls and a great choice for those who are looking for a beginner-level robot. Generally, it’s a sturdy robot and generates almost all types of spins. Its container can hold up to 120 balls that are enough for a couple of minutes of play. Thanks to the side nets that capture all the balls and save time to pick up the balls fallen below, non-stop play is guaranteed.

Furthermore, you can change the speed of the ball as well as the position of the robot on the table. According to reviews, you can set up this robot at the ping pong table in a few minutes. This robot is one of the most advanced machines, and we recommend it due to its flexibility and control. Overall, you will feel good playing with this robot as compared to a human partner.


6. CHAOFAN 36 Spins Ping Pong Ball Machine- Automatic Table Tennis Machine

Best features in this robot:

  • Has a large capacity and can accommodate 110 table tennis balls.
  • Featured with adjustable ball frequency up to 40 to 70 balls per minute.
  • The position of the machine can be adjusted according to your preference.
  • Comes with a remote control to control the robot from the opposite side, and it’s an ideal way to enhance your gameplay.
  • The table is highly versatile and can work even at as low as 100v.
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Adjustable speed, arc, and frequency
  • Carry more than 100 balls
  • Simple to adjust
  • Comes with wired remote control
  • Easy to use
  • Costly unit.

If you want a preassembled and easy-to-use robot having pro features, then the CHAOFAN 36 Spins Ping Pong Ball Machine will be an ideal choice. While it is assembled completely, you just need to put it on the table, and it’s ready to play with you. Moreover, it arrives with a remote control to control its features in an effective and ideal way.

Furthermore, the robot can be adjusted according to your requirement. Not only this, but you can also adjust the speed, spin, and frequency of the balls. One thing that makes it more versatile is that it can work even at as low as 100v with a power of 36w. Overall, it’s a beneficial ping pong robot for clubs, and having it at home can benefit you because you can train with it easily.



Concluding it, we hope that the review is very informative and the perfect guide to making a purchasing decision. Furthermore, in this best ping pong robot review, we have selected all the units with a high reputation among novice and professional players. Many of them are used by Olympiads and professional players before the match. Select any of them, and we hope that will perfectly fulfill your desires.

After a detailed analysis, we will recommend you to havePractice Partner Butterfly Table Tennis Robot. Why this, because it’s one of the best ping pong robots available in the market right now. Moreover, its various types of spins, power, and durable construction compelled us to select this product as our recommendation.


Does the size of ping-pong balls matter?

Definitely, the size of the ping pong ball matters a lot to use in robots. According to the rule, the ball’s recommended size is 40mm, and it is used internationally. If the ball is oversized, then it can’t be inserted into the robot, and if it’s too small, then the robot can’t exert pressure on it for a better hit.

What is the advantage of buying a ping pong robot?

Basically, the ping pong robot is your training buddy. This means you don’t need any human being for training. Moreover, a ping pong robot is the best choice to adjust the ball’s speed, spin options, and many other things to become a professional ping pong player. When you get this robot machine, everything will be better and easier to practice.

Does the frequency of throwing balls matter?

Yes, of course. If you are a beginner in this game, then you might require a lower frequency for better practice. On the other hand, if you are a pro player, then you might need a higher frequency to improve your speed at spotting the ball. Overall, the best ping pong robot is that which has an adjustable frequency option.

Does the robot throw the ball in just one direction?

Generally, it depends on the model. If you have an advanced training robot, then it might have oscillation modes through which it can throw the ball on both the left and right sides.

How to select the best ping pong Robot- BUYING GUIDE:

Since there are many types of ping pong robots available on the market, they can confuse you to select the best one. But if you make a few considerations, then you will get a better idea of which robot is best for your training. What are those considerations? have a look below:

Balls Capacity:

The capacity of balls that your robot can contain depends a lot. If your training machine’s ball capacity is high, then it means you don’t need to pause your game to refill it in a short time. On the other hand, many models have low capacity, which means it can interrupt your game to refill the ball container. Having a capacity of 100 balls is better enough for a great practice session.


The frequency setting is crucial in ping pong robots because it allows the player to limit ball shots in a minute. Some ping pong training machines come with a fixed frequency, and the latest machines have adjustable frequency options. Variable frequency setting will allow you to set the limit of ball throws in a minute, and it’s a good option for novice and pro-level players.

Catch Net:

Using a ping pong robot with a catch net is a great combination, and it’s a great way to improve your skill. Usually, the catch net is set behind the throwing machine, and when you hit back the ball, it stops the ball from going far away. Make sure that the robot which you are buying includes a catch net.

Shots Selection:

Various shot selection is really a great option in a ping pong robot. Try to get that robot that has a multiple shot selection features. It will not only let you learn different shots but also train you to tackle them. The latest ping pong machine models come with different shots selection like chop shots and many random shots. The best ping pong machine will have a combination of all shots to improve your skill level.


Having a portable robot will let you travel easily and store it when not in use. On the other hand, portable robots usually have low ball capacity. Portable robots are best if you want ease of use while training at different places because you can set them up anywhere.

Speed Settings:

The speed at which a ping pong ball travels from a robot is also an important factor to consider. Usually, it’s important for beginners because they don’t have much focus on the ball. Some robots have fixed speed options, but the latest models come with an adjustable speed option. It will allow you to adjust the speed of the ball according to your skill level.


Like any other thing, ping pong robots have also cost variations between different models. The cost of each model depends on the features that it’s offering. Having advanced features will cost it more, and having basic features will have a low price. Choose that model which fulfills your desired features. There are also cheap options available in the market, but they will not worth the price. We will suggest you invest in an advanced featured robot once, and it will definitely long-lasting machine.

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