Best Pickleball Paddle 2021 – Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you fond of playing pickleball with your friend and family at home or in the playground? If yes, then finding the best pickleball paddle to suit your game can be a challenging task. Each pickleball paddle is designed in such a way that it comes in all sizes, materials, weight, construction, and grip.

As pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports of the United States, more brands are releasing their latest tech and innovations in the pickleball community. People learn about pickleball, and they become part of the pickleball community. If you are interested in pickleball sport, you need to know all the features of pickleball gear prior while purchasing one of the best pickleball paddles in the market.

Here we have compiled the paddles that suit various players according to their mid-weight, firm power, ball control, spin control, surface hitting, and most grips types. We have selected these products based on customer reviews and experts’ opinions. Let’s have a look at these.

1. Upstreet Graphite pickleball- Polypro Honeycomb Composite Core


  • Featured with a 5” grip.
  • Offers widespread ball control.
  • Bonded to offer protection to the core from environmental damage.
  • Comprises of a protective ring around the taped neck.
  • Weighs 8.6 ounces.
  • Durable to survive accidental paddle swipes against the ground.
  • Offers better control.
  • Durable and is made of high material.
  • Ideal for beginners to intermediate players.
  • Ranges from 6 to 8.
  • Comfortable and smooth grip.
  • It has less power.

The Upstreet Graphite advanced pickleball paddle is a favorite among players regardless of their skills. Pickleball paddle is suitable for resilient surfaces and proper consistency. Each paddle made by the company is inspected thoroughly in weak spots. Mechanical performance for an optimum result is performed by polypropylene honeycomb pickleball paddle.

Most of the pickleball paddle ranges from 6 to 8 ounces. Graphite pickleball weighs from8.6 ounce. A lightweight paddle offers less drive but better control. The heavy paddle provides more power and drive but less control. Graphite pickleball paddle strikes the perfect balance as it is not too heavy neither too light. The paddle is made by the thick foam backing, which promises a comfortable and smooth grip. This is one of the most favorite paddles among players.

2. Onix Graphite Z5 pickleball paddle- Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle


  • It has a wide hitting surface.
  • Comes with Wide-body dimensions to provide large hitting surface.
  • Offers excellent control with comfortable grip.
  • Strike a perfect balance between control and power.
  • Featured with Nomex core.
  • Comes in various color to let you select according to your choice.
  • Made from high composite materials.
  • Offers excellent ball control.
  • It has a more prominent sweet spot./li>
  • The Wide-body shape makes it ideal for beginners.
  • The extra weight gives you and additional power./li>
  • Medium weight./li>
  • Comprises of a basis paddle core in comparison with other paddle core.

The Onix Graphite pickleball paddle is crazily popular among pickleball players. This paddle offers great and most delicate control to the players. The paddle, which has a wide range body, ensures a high-performance Solid feel of this paddle calls all the players regardless of their skills and experience.

It is suitable for those players who are looking for a medium-weight paddle. Paddle offers excellent balance with control. This paddle is good for players who are looking to save money on graphite paddle. So it is one of the best pickleball paddles in the world.

3. Gamma micron 2.0 pickleball paddle- Honeycomb Grip

  • Gamma durable edge guard offers protection to the core and the paddle hitting surface against any court damage.
  • Excellent control and power offered by Aramid honeycomb.
  • Gamma honeycomb promises ensure comfort while playing.
  • It has a “4” grip size.
  • It weighs about 7.9 ounces.
  • It comprises textured fiberglass promises for good control and a crisp feel.
  • The perfect paddle for those who are looking for mid-weight and smaller grip.
  • Compiles with USAPA specifications
  • Powerful spin.
  • Great control./li>
  • Better grip.
  • Lightweight.
  • Loud sound
  • No advantage of flush rubber

We consider gamma micron 2.0 the best pickleball paddle. The reason is that it has not only lightweight but also the fastest paddle. Having this combination, you will get a fantastic pickleball paddle that will polish your skills. Due to the perforated stitched grip, it is very comfortable and gives you a solid feel.

When it comes to dinking at the net, this pickleball paddle is most reliable. It ensures you don’t lose your control over it. You will fall in love with it due to its textured face. While playing the game, its sweat-absorbent grip won’t let you feel uncomfortable. Overall, this product is great to have for beginners as well as professionals.

4. Rally Graphite Power 2.0 pickleball paddle- USAPA Approved Paddles


  • The graphite face offers accurate ball control.
  • USAPA approved for tournament play.
  • An Extra-large paddle ensures a more prominent sweet spot.
  • Win moisture control grip increases paddle control and prevents slipping.
  • Interlocking neck guard and corner shield promises durability and dramatically enhances strength.
  • The weight is balanced to offer power and quick shot response to the players.
  • Ideal for elderly players.
  • Steady control.
  • Medium tac perforated grip.
  • Light-weighted.
  • Wide hitting surface.
  • Nomex core makes the paddle resistant to crack, damage and dents.
  • Experienced players do not desire an edge guard.
  • Not suitable for people looking for a quieter paddle.

Rally Graphite Power 2.0 has been made to ensure an incredible experience for players at an affordable rate. This is a design by a pickleball paddle player who is also a mechanical engineer. Innovations and proprietary components by the company promise durability and outstanding performance.

Graphite face imparted great strength to this paddle as well as eliminates dinning and dents. The honeycomb core is light weighted and robust. It helps in striking passing shot power and accurate ball control. Solid and dry drips remain owing to the dry win grip. The paddle is kept secure by the flared octagonal handle cap. Its 4.2 grip size is ideal for beginners.

5. Niupipo Graphite pickleball paddle- Honeycomb Composite Core


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Responsive and durable honeycombs composite polymer.
  • Satisfied for Tournament play.
  • Made by unique core technology.
  • Sweat-absorbent, perforated, cushion grip style.
  • Have lightweight and excellent power and control.
  • Offers better grip.
  • Best for beginners to intermediate.
  • Made from quality materials.
  • Larger sweet spot.
  • Rugged edge guard withstands damage.
  • Not suitable for advanced-level players.

The product nuipipo pickleball paddle comprises the latest technology, fiber face of graphite carbon, and honeycomb composite polymer core. Its core is made to reduce ball deflection, nice bounce, and enhance your shots’ power. It is one of the lightweight pickleball paddle made for the player who is looking for better control.

Niupipo Graphite pickleball paddle is USAPA approved and perfect to use in tournaments. Meanwhile, it is super comfortable to handle and works well while playing. Moreover, it is featured with sweat-absorbent for better control over paddle.

6. Amazin’ Aces BrainBridge pickleball paddle- Edgeless Composite Paddle


  • Featured with an aluminum and honeycomb core for better control and power.
  • Quality design and construction for maximum performance.
  • The average weight is”7.9″ oz.
  • Comes with a carrying case with a convenient shoulder strap for easy storage and transport.
  • Includes a premium cushion grip for maximum performance.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Large sweet spot.
  • Includes paddle cover.
  • Made from high-quality wood.
  • Maximum comfort offered by honeycomb core.
  • Outstanding balance between control and grip./li>
  • The Styling needs to be updated.

Amazin’ Aces BrainBridge pickleball paddle is made with an aluminum honeycomb core which features a graphite fiberglass face blend of BrainBridge pickleball paddle. An ultra-premium cushion grip gives a great performance. It is designed in such a way that it offers a combination of control and power. Every paddle has a cover that protects it during storage. The cover ensures a shoulder strap which is helpful for transportation.

This is one of the best pickleball paddles for both advanced players and beginners. The aluminum core makes sure the connectedness with the paddle. It offers better control. The rimless design ensures less weight and fewer mishits.

7. Amazin’ Aces BrainBridge pickleball paddle- Edgeless Composite Paddle


  • It comes with a high-quality polyurethane grip.
  • The dimension of this paddle is 7″ W x 15-1/2′, which meets the USAPA specifications.
  • The grip circumference is 4-1/4″
  • This paddle has slightly elevated ribbing around the handle to make sure that it has a perfect grip.
  • They come with four pickleball which of high performance and durable.
  • It also comes with a strap on the bottom to ensure that it doesn’t fly out of the hand while swiping.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Decent quality.
  • High performing.
  • Value for money.
  • Value for money.
  • Durable.
  • Pricy than expected

Are you looking for a paddle set that is equally good for both beginners and advanced players? Then no need to go far because the Amazin’ Aces pickleball paddle perfectly meets your needs. Having a creative design and astonishing colors, it could be considered the best gift. To increase the durability and performance, it has a honeycomb polymer core and graphite face.

Moreover, it offers advanced-level comfort with a hand-stitched grip, and you don’t need to worry about grip slipping. As USAPA approves this product so you can use it in tournaments and for regular play. The USAPA approved product ensures you the safety and standards of the product.

8. Rally Graphite 6.7-7.5 oz. Pickleball Paddle- 2-Paddle Set -Composite Honeycomb Core


  • The paddle’s length is about 15 ¾,” and the paddle’s width is about 8 1/8″.
  • It comes with an overlapping edge guard, which is 1/8″.
  • The length of the grip is 4 ¾”.
  • The graphite face is made of the 0/90 uni-directional carbon layers of the greatest strength that prevents it from dining and denting.
  • This paddle’s average weight is about 7.6 ounces for the standard version and 8.4 ounces for the power version.
  • Smooth surface for better spin.
  • Good balance.
  • Biggest sweet spot.
  • Lightweight suitable for all players.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Sometimes top-edging might be loose.

Searching for a pickleball paddle that allows you to hit shots easily? Rally graphite pickleball paddle will allow you to hit the ball with great control and technique so you can place the ball anywhere. Having versatility in weight, you can pick up paddles from 7.4 ounces to 8 ounces. If you want to move around quickly, then lightweight will be the better option.

The remarkable thing about this paddle is that it has an extra-large head size that will let you use a more significant surface area. Very easy to make contact with the ball. Talking about grip, this paddle has a 4.25″ grip that is comfortable and not slippery.


This detailed review discussed the best pickleball paddle ranges from different cores, grip technology, and face grip. We have gone through carbon fiber paddle and fiberglass. These paddles have affordable prices. It is challenging for us to compare these products unless you experience them yourself. Have you gone through all the products and selected one of them. These all products mentioned above are made of high-quality materials that will not disappoint you. We have selected all of them after going through the research and customer feedback.

If you choose a pickleball paddle, then great. And if you haven’t selected one of them, we will recommend to go for Rally Graphite 6.7-7.5 oz. Pickleball Paddle is suitable for better spin and is known for maximum playability and durability.

We recommend you another product for the best pickleball paddle Amazin’ Aces pickleball paddle that is great for beginners, durable, and saves your money.


What is a pickleball paddle?

A pickleball paddle is a pickleball gear that is slightly bigger than table tennis and smaller than the tennis racquet. It can be made up of aluminum, wood, or fiberglass. The pickleball paddle works in the same way as badminton tennis. It will be used to strike a special pickleball just like tennis.

Why must you buy a pickleball paddle?

Pickleball is getting famous in the U.S for quite a long time. Pickleball players claim that once you’ve started playing it, it’s hard to get over it. It is an addictive and fun game. If you are looking for something different, we recommend you play pickleball as the number of people increases in this sport.

How to pick a perfectly suited pickleball paddle?

Check for the paddle’s feel in your hand to suit your style of playing.
The timing of shots.
Check how much you like to move your racquet during a game.
Analyze your shots.

Pickleball paddle Buying Guide:

The pickleball game concept might be new for some people. But it has been around the world for more than 50 years. It is presently one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S.

To play pickleball, you need to know about some necessary equipment that the pickleball paddle. However, for beginners, some factors can help you to buy the best pickleball paddle.

A pickleball paddle can be selected based on weight, length, durability, power, control, color, etc.


Before buying pickleball, paddle weight is an essential factor to be considered. 6.8 to 14 ounces of weight is ranged for the pickleball paddle. You need to select the one according to your level. Beginners might go for a lighter one because they want to blend first. Experienced players can go for the heavy one as they know how to control and shot it correctly.


Another vital factor in pickleball paddle is the length. Considering the length, there are wide-body regular and oversized paddle is available for buying. Here too, you need to select them as your level. The larger paddle can become hard to handle and swing. So depending on the length of your body and grip size, you can choose the ideal length for yourself.


When you buy a pickleball paddle, you must consider how much control it can offer to your arms. Another thing is the weight that is being controlled by your arm to swing. That is why you must choose ideal control over the paddle to the ball.


Some of the pickleball paddles come with Graphite/cork center, which usually helps to push the ball forward even without applying power. However, this may not be as you want every time. If you need to have control over the ball, this factor must be considered.


A variety of colors is available in pickleball paddle. You can also choose your favorite color, but experts recommend choosing a yellow color pickleball paddle as the opponent does not know from which direction the ball is coming.

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