Best locations for your American road trip 

For the ones who love a classic road trip, America has always been one of the top destinations to travel to. There are several stunning routes across the continent amongst contrasting landscapes. Besides, most of these routes offer different adventures depending on what season you choose to take them.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options out there. Perhaps you will include them when planning for your next vacation!

San Francisco to Utah

This road will lead you towards Lake Tahoe, where you can appreciate the view of the Sierra Nevada mountains or stop by to kayak, fish, ride bicycles or hike in beautiful alpine views. You will also find towering waterfalls and giant sequoia trees in the Yosemite valley. The road also leads you into the rocky (and hot!) scenery of Death Valley and continues into the desert until reaching Las Vegas. Probably the most exciting place on this route! But do not forget to check NFL week 7 odds before having the best time of your life exploring what Vegas has to offer.

Don’t forget the starting point, the city of San Francisco, is well known as one of the most laid-back and open minded cities in the United States. Located in California, San Francisco’s Atmosfere is perfect to disconnect from work and start off your vacation on the right foot. The Gold Gate Bridge has a classic view of the bay area, where you can enjoy the depths of American history, such as the island of Alcatraz, while sipping a coffee from Hayes Valley. Quite charming, right? 

Once you get there, then enjoy Las Vegas Loop

The famous red rock geology formation that covers the scenery of North America West will guide you through Las Vegas, Monument Valley,  Grand Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. It is definitely worth dedicating some time to this area while on a road trip to see the views and relax in the empty roads of the American desert. This remote area will need special planning as booking a hotel in advance to avoid any unexpected concerns during your vacation!

An overseas Highway

The road from Miami to Key West crosses 42 bridges through its route from Miami to Key West, offering stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Jumping from island to island is a unique experience showing mesmerizing sea views on both sides of the road. Before drinking a lime cocktail when arriving in Key West, you will know, or maybe pull in to the islands of Ragged Key, Plantation Key, Fat Deer Key, Tea Table Key and Sugarloaf Key. 

Even though the road offers a great drive all over the year, it is worth avoiding hurricane season between June to November. Remember to always check weather warnings and try to reach the Keys in April or early May.

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