Best Felt For Pool Table In 2021- Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Having the best playing surface on the pool table is a great way to increase performance. For perfect working of your pool table, the felt is the most crucial element. You need to purchase a new one if it doesn’t perform well. The high-quality felt long lasts without peeling, crinkling, and pilling. A best felt for pool table will also influence to increase the speed and accuracy.

Adding more, the felt is a vital part of the pool game. If you don’t have a durable and decent table, all enjoyment could be lost. Moreover, the rolling ball stops rolling smoothly due to hurdles, or low-quality felt could start peeling. Having a durable and high-quality felt could minimize your problems. Most people prefer to have a wool/nylon blend to achieve a perfectly textured surface. Moreover, a heavier felt will long last and more durable.

If you go to the market to purchase the pool’s felt, you might be confused there with an abundance of felts. To save your time and convenience, we have sorted down some top choices in this best felt for pool table review. Moreover, a detailed buying guide at the end of the article helps you pick the top felt by yourself. Without any delay, let’s have a look at our top choices.

21 Ounce Pool Table Felt
21 Ounce Pool Table Felt
  • Made of 20% nylon and 80% wool
  • Featured with enough stretching capacity
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Accuplay 19 oz Pool Table Felt
Accuplay 19 oz Pool Table Felt
  • Felt’s fabric offers a fast speed to enhance the balls’ rolling
  • Durability and also compatible with the poker table
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Championship Saturn II Felt
Championship Saturn II Felt
  • Offers ultimate satisfaction from amateur to professional players
  • Having Blended wool that enhances its stretching capability.
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8′ Euro Blue ProLine Felt
8′ Euro Blue ProLine Felt
  • Lightweight pool table cloth easy Installation
  • Featured with non-pilling properties, unchangeable color
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Boshen Billiard Cloth Pool Table Felt
Boshen Billiard Cloth Pool Table Felt
  • Ideal color through which eyes are less prone to fatigue
  • Offers perfect stretching capability and fastball speed
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Championship Red 8ft Felt
Championship Red 8ft Felt
  • Comes with pre-cut features that allow you to fit the table
  • The felt offers six extra rail cuts.
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1. 21 Ounce Pool Table Felt- Standard Green Felt

Features that we love:

  • The felt is made of 20% nylon and 80% wool and has a weight of 21 ounces that perfectly fits the Billiard table.
  • The size of felt is 108″ x 61″ that is ideal for a 7′ table and enough for its rails.
  • The Second size is 120″ x 61″ that is excellent for an 8′ table, and covers the table’s rails.
  • The Third size felt is 144″ x 61″ that is perfect for a 9′ table and also covers its rails.
  • Doesn’t require any to place any side top or side down; place any side that you want.
  • Featured with enough stretching capacity that allows you to drag and enlarge it to fit into your billiard table.
  • High-efficiency pool table
  • Three different sizes
  • Affordable price
  • Nylon and wool material
  • Stretchable to come fit
  • Doesn’t require any specific side
  • Not coated by Teflon

The 21 Ounce Pool Table Felt is an affordable choice with quality material. The critical point is it has 80% wool and 20% nylon in its material. Moreover, this fabric is hypnotic and offers you an excellent surface for playing. Since the felt provides accurate speed, most people prefer to pick this felt. Whether you are an amateur or intermediate level player, having this felt will let you feel pro player experience in a few days.

Furthermore, the 21-ounce pool table felt is perfect for different tables as it comes in various sizes. The felt has three different sizes that fit 7′, 8′, and 9′ tables ideally. Moreover, you don’t need to know the top or bottom side of the felt. You can place it on either side top or side down. Additionally, the tabletop has enough stretching capacity that allows you to fit the felt on the table by enlarging it. Overall, the table is durable and long-lasting.

2. Accuplay 19 oz Pool Table Felt- Various Colors Felt

Features that we love in it:

  • The felt’s fabric offers a fast speed to enhance the balls’ rolling and suitable for pro and novice users.
  • Comes in various colors to allow customization of your pool table for a distinctive look.
  • The material used in its manufacturing is 75% wool and 25% polyimide to offer you a soft and smooth surface.
  • Comes in size 66″ X 88″ for 7′ that is enough for table and rails.
  • The felt provides durability and also compatible with the poker table.
  • Adequate size for table and rails
  • Durable
  • Various colors options
  • Compatible to poker table
  • Perfect for all level players
  • A little expensive
  • Not suitable for outdoor usage

Having a pool table at home is great fun to pass your time after a stressful day. The Accuplay 19 oz Pool Table Felt is ideal for having a more rolling speed of the balls. A pool table is not complete without an exceptional table felt. Moreover, this felt offers you ultimate comfortability and a great form of exercising the body. The key point is its easy installation; you don’t need any third-party involvement to install this. You can do it yourself.

Furthermore, the felt is not only perfect for the pool table but also works correctly for the poker table. Additionally, the felt comes folded laps to make it more attractive. The felt offers perfect quality according to the user’s perspective. The key point is the felt is perfect for novice to pro-level players. Finally, the felt comes in various colors to pick according to your surrounding’s color. Overall, the table is perfect and one of the best felt for the pool table.

3. Championship Saturn II Felt- Cloth Pool Table Felt

Features that we love in it:

  • The felt has dimensions 90 x 48 x 0.1 inches and weighs only 3.6 pounds.
  • Offers ultimate satisfaction from amateur to professional players and suitable for commercial to home usage.
  • The cloth offers perfect quality for fantastic ball roll and a fantastic game experience.
  • Comes with high durability that keeps the felt in the market.
  • Featured with two pieces of color that match signal chalk and incomparable to other renowned felts.
  • The felt is designed to adjust according to the size of the table, and its blended wool enhances its stretching capability.
  • Highly durable
  • Perfect for commercial and home use
  • Table spot to save the ball
  • High stretching capability
  • Different colors
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • A bit expensive

If you are looking for a table, felt that light up your game experience, the Championship Saturn II Felt will be an excellent option. On the other hand, if your table felt is damaged or low quality, it’ll frustrate you severally. Having a high-quality felt like Championship Saturn II Felt will be a great idea to get rid of this frustration. The key point of this felt is it’s not too expensive and perfect for commercial and home usage.

Moreover, the set comes with seven cloth pieces, six rail cloths, and 1-bed cloth. All of these elements make the felt an outstanding product among various brands. Furthermore, the felt has high durability that won’t break your trust in this brand. Additionally, the table felt has a table spot and comes in two different colors. The best thing is its stretching capability that will let you adjust the table felt according to the table’s design.

4. 8′ Euro Blue ProLine Felt-Billiard Pool Table Cloth Felt

Features that we love in it:

  • The felt has dimensions 14.8 x 14 x 2.2 inches and weighs 3.75 pounds only.
  • The playing surface featured with sufficient fabric, and the clot is known as non-worsted cloth due to its durability.
  • The lightweight pool table cloth is easy to install single-handedly.
  • Featured with non-pilling properties and won’t change the color after long time usage.
  • Offers medium speed for ball rolling and lets you feel pro-level game experience.
  • The felt is made of 80% wool and 20% Nylon, making it a durable and long-lasting choice.
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for 8 feet table
  • Blend of wool and nylon
  • Various colors
  • Won’t change the color
  • Highly durable
  • No fastball rolling

The 8′ Euro Blue ProLine Felt is made by ProLine classic company that offers complete user satisfaction. This pool table felt comes in Euro Blue color that looks amazing on your table. Moreover, it’s a pre-cut for an oversized pool ball table. The pre-cut features mean it allows you to use on prescribed feet of feet table and on another table size and a minor modification.

Moreover, the felt is made of 80% wool and 20% Nylon blend that offer you an ideal combination for enhanced stretching capability. The described felt has Euro blue color, but the ProLine Classic has 30 different color options to pick up according to your need. Moreover, it’s a lightweight felt that is easier to install without any third-person involvement.

5. Boshen Billiard Cloth Pool Table Felt- High Performance Felt

Features that we love in it:

  • The felt has dimensions 13.94 x 10.91 x 4.76 inches and weighs 4.31 pounds only.
  • Comes with an ideal color through which eyes are less prone to fatigue, and corner shadows don’t affect eyesight.
  • Made of 90 % Nylon and 10 % wool for faster ball speed and comes in double side fleece thickened.
  • Featured with durable material and no pilling to change in color after long time usage.
  • Offers perfect stretching capability and fastball speed; high performance to provide you with better playability.
  • Regular sight through corner shadows
  • Durable material
  • Doesn’t change the color
  • Pre-cut to prevent errors
  • Suitable for different gameplays
  • The ideal color for eyesight/li>
  • Not ideal for outdoor usage

The Boshen Billiard Cloth Pool Table Fel is a versatile pool table felt that offers you exceptional value. Don’t forget to consider this pool table cloth if you are looking for the best quality felt. The key point is it’s made of a unique fabric that offers extra cloth strips for 7, 8, and 9-foot table that makes it versatile—moreover, perfectly 7,8,9 feet table without any further amendment. The felt is made of 90% Nylon and 10% fabric to deliver exceptional service.

Furthermore, the felt is highly durable and allows you different options to select according to your taste. The best thing is that the company considers the sight of players. The color of felt regulates the users’ sight and features with a corner shadow to keep your eyesight safe. Overall, it’s a perfect option if you are sensitive to your vision.

6. Championship Red 8ft Felt- Invitational Pool Table Felt

Top features in it:

  • The felt has dimensions 14.94 x 11.61 x 4.96 inches and weighs 4.13 pounds only.
  • Featured with master spot and two pieces of matching silver cup chalk to enhance the smoothness for fastball rolling.
  • Comes with pre-cut features that allow you to fit the table cloth on any designated table size without any irregular cutting.
  • Made of 75% wool and 25% nylon, that offers more accurate speed and ball rolling for a better playing experience.
  • The felt offers six extra rail cuts.
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable
  • Pre-cut feature
  • Lightweight
  • Master spot with two matching silver cup chalk
  • Stretchable material
  • Teflon Coating is not available

The Championship Red 8ft felt is one of the best felt for the pool table. It not only has an affordable price but also has a lightweight of just 4.13 pounds. This lightweight feature makes it easy to install without involving any third person. The key point is you can use this felt for both commercial and residential usage, and it saves your cost to change it every time.

Furthermore, the wool material used in it is more superior to other pool table cloth brands. Additionally, it comes with a pre-cut feature that allows you to fit the felt on designated sized tables without any irregular cutting by yourself. Having a pre-cut feature will save you from wastage of fabric. Moreover, it has 75% wool and 25% nylon to accurate ball speed and perfect rolling.


Since there are many felt available in the market in different sizes and colors, these listed felts are on top among all. Moreover, these felts are not only strong but also best for commercial and home usage. If you have a stretchable felt will allow you to adjust it at the pre-designated table. Furthermore, the felt should resist pilling and shedding for the long life of felt.

After considering all the top factors and features, we will recommend you to have 21 Ounce Pool Table Felt  oneas this table is made of high-quality material. Moreover, it comes in three different sizes. Our second best choice is out Accuplay 19 oz Pool Table Felt. one This is selected due to various color options and also fit for the poker table.


Why can’t we use any material as a pool table felt?

Generally, the pool balls require a smooth and soft surface to roll. That’s why the weave, texture, and blend of the material are so important when you talk about pool cloth. The best quality felt will increase the rolling speed and accuracy.

How long does a billiard felt last?

Basically, the age of billiard felt depends on a few factors. Generally, high-quality material long last but still, it isn’t guaranteed. Usage of the pool table also depends on its age. On the other hand, some people change the felt as they are just passionate about changing the color.

Does pool felt come in different colors?

Yes, there is many pool felt sets that come in different colors. If you get a set of the pool felt in different colors, you can install one that fits according to your surroundings. In the above list, there are more than one felts that come in different colors.

What material is used in Pool Felt’s manufacturing?

Generally, for smooth rolling of balls, the manufacturers use a blend of nylon and wool in Pool Felt’s manufacturing. Moreover, the blend makes the felt long-lasting and durable.

Is Stretching Capability Matter in Pool Felt?

The Stretching capability matters a lot to adjust the felt according to the size of the table. Basically, the stretching capability of the pool ball felt is how much it could be stretched without damage.

How to select the best felt for pool ball table- BUYING GUIDE

The quality of a pool ball felt is so important. Getting the best pool ball felt will lead to you a long-lasting billiard cloth. If you consider some factors, then you can select the top pool ball felt. What are that factors? Let’s have a look at them.


Generally, the pool ball felts are made of different materials. It’s important to know what material is used in its construction. Most pool table felts made of either a blend of wool and nylon or a blend of wool and polyester. Basically, both blends are different from each other due to thickness and the weave. Generally, the woolen felt is cheaper and tends to pill too earlier.

We recommend you have worsted wool felt. Due to its smooth fabric, the ball travels quickly and smoothly. Moreover, many professionals prefer it due to its consistency and accuracy.


Mostly, the pool felt comes in standard sizes. It means if you have a seven, eight, or nine feet table, it will be easy to get a standard pool table cloth. Not only standard-sized, but also it will be easy to install without any irregular cutting.

Generally, when you go to a retailer for pool felt or buy online, they will send it to you pre-cut with a piece for rails and table as well. Moreover, some felts come with extra fabric for just precaution to perfectly install the felt.


The durability is an important factor when you consider wool content. Generally, the material with a tight weave matters a lot because it’s long-lasting and doesn’t wear down as a thin material does. Moreover, you can check the durability by its weight, and it’s an easy way for this purpose.


The color is the element that doesn’t affect the performance, but it’s an important choice for an individual. Most probably, if you are installing it at home, you might want to match it according to your surrounding’s color.

Most of the above-described products come in different colors. One of them has 22 colors, and one has 30 colors, and you can select one according to your choice.


Weight is an essential element while purchasing a felt for a pool table. A heavier table will be will be more durable than a lighter one. Moreover, heavier clothes are more reliable and long-lasting. If a felt weight is 19 ounces, it’s good, but 22 to 23 ounces is better.

On the other hand, if the felt is lightweight, it will offer more ball rolling and fast speed. And a heavier felt, no doubt they are durable, but lacks a little bit in speed. So, you have to consider these things while buying the billiard cloth.

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