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Best Dart Scoreboard In 2021 – Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Dartball is terrific fun, and it’s a great way to connect with your family. While playing dart ball, it isn’t easy to keep a record of the score with pen and paper. Having the best dart scoreboard can make things better. If you have a dartboard scorer, then it’s a great way to make your game more enjoyable.

Best Dart Scoreboard

Before choosing the dart scoreboard, know that it could be either digital or dry-erase. In the digital scoreboard, the stats are shown digitally, and it runs on a battery or AC Adaptor. On the other hand, you have to write the stats by hand on Dry-Erase scoreboards.

In this article, we have selected the top six dart scoreboards that include both Dry-Erase and Digital scoreboards. To shortlist them, we have focused on specific features and well-known models. After analyzing customer reviews and experts’ opinions, we have finalized them for your easiness to pick up the best dart scoreboard. Let’s have a detailed look at them.

Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard
Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard
  • Available in Multiple sizes
  • Easy installation
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Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer
Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer
  • Automatic touchpad scorer for dart
  • Includes voice prompts for next player
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Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer
Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer
  • large and backlit LCD display
  • Auto-shutoff and sleep mode
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Electronic Dartboard scoreboard
Electronic Dartboard scoreboard
  • Best tournament quality electronic dartboard
  • It has Nylon Tough segments
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BETTERLINE Large Professional Scoreboard
BETTERLINE Large Professional Scoreboard
  • Perfect size and easy to hang
  • Made of durable material
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Piero Lorenzo Dry Erase Scoreboard
Piero Lorenzo Dry Erase Scoreboard
  • Measurement of 14″ H x 10″ W.
  • Strong magnetic backing
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1. Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard- Simple Dart Scoreboard

Features that we love in it:

  • The scoreboard is available in two sizes: Small (15.375″ H x 7.875″ W), Large (23.5″ H x 15.5″ W)
  • Designed for cricket and 01 dart games to track the score.
  • Includes a dry eraser that comes with an eraser tip.
  • Size perfectly fits your wall or wood cabinet as you can pick a voice from large or small.
  • For easy installation, it has mounting hardware to perfectly install on the wall.
  • Compatible with all dry-erase markers
  • Installation is easy
  • Mounting hardware is included
  • Two different sizes
  • Tracks cricket score also
  • Issues with dry eraser cleaning
  • Quality concerns

The Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard is one of the top picks if you prefer a dry erase. Its plastic construction is sturdy and rigid that has about 1/8 inches thickness. Moreover, it has preset mounting holes on the board that allows you to easily fix them onto the wall. On the bottom of the board, it has a holding clip where you can place the pen.

Though it doesn’t come with any mounting tool, still you can easily mount the board on the drywall or other surface. Furthermore, it has command strips or medium-sized nails and non-damage hangers that will do the trick also. For cleaning the board, you can pick up an eraser, or just a dry cloth will work without any problem.

The scoreboard is easy to use and a simple product. It’s the best choice if you don’t have an idea how to operate an electronic scoreboard. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for those who don’t want any frills and great for all types of players.

2. Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer- Electronic dart scorer

Features that we love in it:

  • The scoreboard has dimensions of 18 x 8 x 1.25 inches (W x H x D) that makes it perfect.
  • Automatic touchpad scorer for dart and calculates the score of up to eight players.
  • Featured with 4-slot LED that shows the game scores and cricket results and also works with traditional bristles.
  • Includes voice prompts for next player, five cricket games, handicapping, and player rankings.
  • Can score for up to 24 types of games that have Hi-score, All fives, Count up, and many more.
  • Uses either main power or operated through battery.
  • Electronic touchpad scorer
  • Multiple games options
  • Count score for 88 players
  • LED display
  • Use battery and main power
  • Instructions could be confusing.

Once you buy the Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer, you will be glad, and no tension about extra money paid for it. This scorer works well, looks impressive, and can be easily hung on the wall using mounting hardware that’s included in the package. For power options, you can either use an AC adapter or four AA batteries if you want a cordless look.

Though the scorer is more undersized but works great through touchpad score entering, you have to just enter the score of a related hit on the dartboard. e.g. if someone scores triple 20, just press triple 20 on the scoreboard, and total points will be recorded without requiring any mathematical skills.

Moreover, it has four-player slots that means you can play with eight players. Using this scoreboard, you can play up to 24 various types of games. Furthermore, it has 132 customizable options and an LED displays for cricket or player scores as you need.

3. Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer- viper scoreboard

Features that we love in it:

  • The scoreboard has dimensions of 5″ L x 1.5″ W x 10.25″ H.
  • Comes with a large and backlit LCD display that is clear to watch from the throw line.
  • For saving battery, it has auto-shutoff and sleep mode—easy and clear operation through of keypad.
  • It comes with 40 game options to select from 655 options and great for eight players fun.
  • Operates on 3 AA batteries that offer you a cordless experience.
  • Sleep mode
  • LCD Display
  • Easy to install
  • Voice prompts
  • Sleep mode
  • Cordless experience
  • Doesn’t work well when playing against the computer.

The Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer is the best electronic dartboard scorer that will brighten your game room. The scoreboard is small enough that it can easily be fitted into any game room and still easy to read from the throw line. Moreover, it comes with the necessary parts to get it on the wall, and it’s easy to install.

Making it portable, you can easily remove the scorecard and take it anywhere, like a friend’s place or pub, to track the score. Furthermore, there are 40 plus games and 655 playing options to polish your playing level.

Moreover, it’s designed to play with up to eight players. If you don’t find anyone to play with, no worries, then you can play against the computer. For saving battery power, it has a sleep mode that can be activated while breaking. Further, it turns off automatically if it detects no activity. It runs on three AA batteries that you have to purchase separately.

4. Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament- Electronic Dartboard scoreboard

Features that we love in it:

  • Comes with a regulation 15.5″ target area and the best tournament quality electronic dartboard with scorer.
  • The scores can record scores of 8 players, 33 games, and comes with 303 game options.
  • For durability and playability, it has Nylon Tough segments.
  • To reduce bounce out dramatically, it has micro-thin segment dividers.
  • Voice prompts that are computer verbally to call player for throw.
  • Featured with two sets of tricolor cricket LED displays.
  • Superb quality
  • Durable
  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable volume
  • Best for eight players
  • LED display
  • Included darts are flimsy

If you want to buy dartboard and scoreboard together in one piece, then the Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament will be a great choice. The scoreboard is embedded in the dartboard and record each score when a shot hits the dartboard. This thing makes the game easier to play and track.

Having a regulation target area up to 15.5 inches, it’s a top model of tournament quality. Moreover, to prevent bounce-out options, it has micro-thin dividers that are made of NylonTough material. It’s a perfect dartboard with a scorer that allows eight players to play with 24 different games and 132 game options.

Overall, this model has a combo of a classic look with black, yellow, and red on the target area. And lastly, it has a volume adjustment option if you find it too louder or too down.

5. BETTERLINE Large Professional Scoreboard- Tournament sized scoreboard

Features that we love in it:

  • The scoreboard has a smooth surface to write on it easily and made of durable material.
  • Comes in the perfect size and easy to hang on the walls or wooden cabinet.
  • The package includes one dart game, one eraser and two pieces of chalk, and one scoreboard for cricket.
  • Has four holes on the corner to hang it on the wall for easy installation.
  • Easy to wipe off the chalk through a damp cloth.
  • Easy to hang
  • Perfect size
  • Durable
  • Smooth surface for score writing
  • Easy to wipe off the chalk
  • Doesn’t come with mounting screws

If you are one of those who prefer the more traditional and classic look of the scoreboard, then the BETTERLINE Large Professional Scoreboard is a perfect choice. This old-fashioned scoreboard comes with an eraser and a piece of chalk for tracking the score. Moreover, it’s made of durable material that great if you take it for daily use.

The one best thing is that it has a smooth surface that makes the score clear and easy to read. It has four screw holes on each corner of the scoreboard that make it easy to install. Though it doesn’t include screws, you have to find them separately. It’s super lightweight, and you don’t need any hefty screws to do the job.

6. Piero Lorenzo Dry Erase Scoreboard- Best Magnetic Scoreboard

Features that we love in it:

  • The scoreboard has a measurement of 14″ H x 10″ W.
  • Featured with strong magnetic backing to keep the surface flat on most metal surfaces.
  • Easier to install at any surface with a magnetic sticker.
  • The scoreboard is compatible with all dry-erase markers.
  • Keep track of both your cricket and 01 dart games in style.
  • Affordable price
  • Magnetic sticker base
  • Easy to clean
  • Smooth surface
  • Perfect size
  • Doesn’t fit well on uneven surfaces.

If you are looking for a dart scoreboard at an affordable price, then the Piero Lorenzo Dry Erase Scoreboard comes in. It’s a Dry Erase Scoreboard that comes on a low budget and looks impressive on your dartboard. Moreover, the surface has a white color that will let you use different colours on it according to your choice.

This model has a smooth surface that makes it easy to write on and easy to wipe off. Furthermore, it has markings on the scoreboard that give you space to write the game you are playing and players’ names. To quickly set up the game environment, the scoreboard is easy to hang on the wall. Having a magnetic sticker base, you can stick it to any smooth and flat surface.


There is no doubt your game skill, especially the requirement, depends a lot on choosing the best dart scoreboard. These dart scoreboards perform the task of tracking scores of players. Due to the availability of a wide range of dart scoreboards, no doubt it’ll be challenging to pick one of them for anyone.

For your easiness, we have sorted some top choices. If you want to go with a classical scoreboard, then the out Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard one is a top choice. On the other hand, we will recommend you have Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer for a more classy look with a digital scorer.


What is a dart scoreboard?

The dart scoreboard is used to track the score of players playing the game. Generally, it’s a great idea to have either it’s an electronic scoreboard or a classical one.

Can a scorer show the different players’ levels?

Yes, many scoreboards show the players’ level. Basically, there are some customizable scoreboards that can be used for this purpose. Moreover, having a diverse scoring option for experienced players while they are playing against a novice player.

Is there any model that allows any number of games?

Many models support the above question. Generally, the scoreboard has many different games to play with many playing options to use the scoreboard in the best way.

What should be the size of the dart scoreboard?

Basically, it depends on the space available in your game room. Always measure the size of your Gameroom before buying a dartboard and scorer.

How to pick up the Best Dart Scoreboard- BUYING GUIDE

The dartboard scorer comes in different styles and types, and each of them has different features. What are the best features that you should look for? Let’s have a look at them.

Scoreboard Type:

While you are going to buy the scoreboard, consider which type you want to buy. Traditional scoreboards are present in the market for many years. Usually, you write a score on this type of scoreboard with chalk, and it has an eraser to erase it. Mostly, this type of scoreboard is perfect for those who want a traditional look in their gaming room.

On the other hand, digital scoreboards are also available. Everything is compactly, and you just have to enter the score of dart hit. It won’t require any mathematical skills to count the total score. Most professional players prefer this type to make things easy.


Either you go for a digital or a dry-erase dart scoreboard; the thing that matters is it should be suitable in size. Before buying a scoreboard, check the game room’s dimensions where you want to fit the scoreboard.

LED Panels:

If it’s a digital scoreboard, it should have LED panels to track the game information. Through these LED panels, you can easily track the score needed in cricket and what the score is going on, etc. Talking about LED panels should be well lit so they can show the score nicely, and the players won’t have any trouble throwing the dart on the dartboard.


The cost of the dart scoreboard depends on your choice. If it’s a digital scorer, then it could be costly. On the other hand, the dry ease dartboards have a low price usually, and you can get them easily. They are the best option in terms of affordability.

Other Features:

The other features that you should consider are the total number of players, power source, variety of game options, and a backlit screen. A total number of players and a variety of game options should be considered either it’s a digital scoreboard or it’s a dry-erase scoreboard. Most of the above dart scoreboards have four or above players and multiple game options.

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