BEST BACKING FOR DART BOARD In 2021 – Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Gaming activities are the best way to spend quality time. Lots of people are fond of playing with dartboards. It enhances your skills in a very creative way and leaves positive effect regards to your mental health. Different people choose different dartboards according to their taste. Here we introduce backing for dartboards to provide you a safe game. But the question arises at this point that how to find the best backing for dart board? As a lot of manufacturers offer plenty of options having a variety of different features.

Backboard made of various materials comes in different dimensions. According to your dartboard size, you can choose backing easily. Some backing offers additional accessories in the package, like a scoreboard or maybe sometimes a complete set of the dartboard. The backing may be made of foam having wood boundaries or have a velvety texture. These backboards not only protect your house walls from any damage through darts but also reduces noise.

By investing a fair amount of time, we make a list of the best backing for dart boards. You can easily pick one of these, according to your desire. The products and their features are broadly explained below. Also, we prepare a buying guide, which helps you notice the right points while purchasing backing for dartboards.

1. Viper Defender III Backboard- Steel Tip Dartboard Bundle

Top features:

  • Dimensions of the backboard are 32 x 45 42.4″ x 28.2″ x 1″.
  • Its weight is about 11.75 lbs.
  • Complete dartboard experience with everything needed to complete a setup.
  • The setup comes with 21 steel tip darts to ensure you never run short of darts.
  • Prominent width foam wall defenders help you protect your walls from any damage.
  • Three adjusters to level it on the wall, and the top surface is made of soft velvet.
  • Constructed with sisal/bristle fibers compressed together to offer reduced bounce out
  • Edge throwline
  • Reversible design
  • less noisy
  • Easy setup
  • Comes with a sisal dartboard
  • Foam isn’t durable

If you are searching for something durable that  keeps your house walls safe from any damage, this product is the best to invest. It comes with a sisal dartboard made of bristle, ensuring that the darts will not bounce back. Additionally, there are 21 darts in the package having sharp steel tips.

The design of the Viper Defender III backboard makes it a more attractive and top recommended product. The flawless foam design is reversible, fix together like a jigsaw, stretch around the board ideally. The foam keeps your walls safe and also reduces the dart bouncing sound. So, the person behind that wall or the people around there will not get disturbed by any noise.

2. Cork Dart Board Backer – Best Cork Backing

Attractive features:

  • Dimensions of the backboard are 36″ x 24″ x 1″
  • The backing is made of cork. Darts stick firmly on cork made surfaces.
  • Purely made of cork material, reliable in all environments.
  • The dartboard backer protects both the darts and wall from any damage.
  • Renewable product and Useful for any dartboard.
  • Wide surface area to protect the wall and darts from any missing target darts
  • Low-cost product.
  • Simple and easy to mount.
  • Durable and reliable in all environments.
  • Darts do not bounce back due to the cork surface.
  • Safe for walls and house equipment.
  • Bit heavy
  • Do not come with a scoreboard or any other accessory

This product is best for newcomers to sharp their skills in a safe way. The cork made backing of large surface safes your house walls from any damage. As well as, the darts stick firmly on the cork surface and do not bounce back. The backing comes in the size of 36 by 24, which means it covers a lot of area on the wall, protecting it from any damage.

Either the package does not hold lots of accessories, but its best for beginners. The material used in it is the best and most attractive thing. The cork-made surface lets the backing survive in all environments. It not only saves your walls but also renewable. Overall, it’s the best product at a low price.

3. Viper Championship Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard – Mahogany Finish Backing

Top features:

  • Dimensions are 29″ x 29″ x 1″, and it weighs 8.7 lbs.
  • Comes in three parts, offers professional play.
  • One panel with removable flight while one panel for dry erase scoreboard.
  • Black felt backing, safe walls from wrong shots.
  • Comes with four complete sets of darts, and the backing fits to every dartboard.
  • Other accessories include a dry erase marker and mounting hardware to record the score.
  • Well-built product
  • Strong mount quality
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • Reliable product
  • Sturdy backing
  • Felt included helping the dart stick
  • Bit expensive
  • Tricky to mount

It is one of our top recommended products. The backing comes with lots of accessories which makes it more attractive. It comes with a dry erase board and a pen, which help you track the score easily. This black backing protects your walls.

The backing is made of MDF, a very versatile material with lots of best features. The Viper championship wood backing comes with a complete set of 4 darts. So, you can easily hold a tournament with your friends. Its mounting capability is impressive; you feel very sturdy once you mount it. The product is a bit expensive, but its features will value your investment.

4. Dart-Stop 36 inch Professional Dart Board Backboard – Best Mounting Backing

Top attractive qualities:

  • Its dimensions are 36″ x 36″ x 1″ and weight 15 lbs.
  • Comes with a quality plush fabric that shows no dart holes and no wood frame to be marred by dart holes
  • Steel-reinforce mounting points for perfect and secure wall attachment; includes 3-inch screws and anchors
  • Sturdy mount quality, reducing any feet and shims
  • Pre-installed bracket for wobble-free
  • Easy to mount
  • Substantial and durable
  • Gives professional feel
  • Prevent darts from bouncing off
  • Elegant and professional look
  • Little expensive.
  • The package does not hold side accessories.

It is also one of the best options in the list. This elegant backboard comes with a 3-inches screw and anchors within the wall in favor of keeping the backboard mount firmly. It comes in a “wobble-free” design, which not only enhances the outer beauty but also help the darts to stay in place ideally.

This is one of our most recommended products, though it is costly, but its features give you an outstanding game in a safe and straightforward way. Its high-quality plush fabric gives it an elegant look and also prevents bounce-outs. Overall, it’s a fantastic product to invest in.

5. Viper Defender III Extended Length Backboard – Surround Wall Protector

Attractive points:

  • Its dimensions are 45″ x 32″ x 1″, having a weight of about 2 lbs.
  • High-density foam and velvet surface to minimize wear and add attraction to the backing.
  • Protects about 8.2 square feet area with high-density v-foam that is 1-inch thick
  • Comes in a reversible design and easy to assemble; no additional bracing is required for a compression fitting.
  • Easily accommodate standard size dartboards that accommodate both 17.75 inch and 18 inch bristle dartboards.
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy mounting
  • Lightweight Backing
  • Reliable and looks elegant
  • Ideally fits with standard size dartboards
  • Velvet Design
  • The velvety surface does not protect so much.

It’s a fantastic product having brilliant features. It is light in weight and covers a huge area because of its high-density v-foam. It is very sturdy and reduces shivering, and also reduces back bouncing of darts. Provides you a pro-level game in a very comfortable environment.

Its features and elegant design make it one of our top-rated products. It has the ability to accommodate a standard size of 17 to even 18-inches dartboard. Moreover, it’s a totally reversible backboard. It’s very easy to assemble because it’s lightweight. Overall, it is the best product at an affordable price and highly recommended.

6. CyeeLife-18in Dartboard- Electronic Dartboard

Attractive features:

  • Dimensions are 27.4 x 26.9 x 1.8 inches, and it weighs 4.24 pounds only.
  • Bright and easy to clean surface that is made of PU and one-piece
  • Perfectly matches with an 18-inch steel dartboard and protects the wall around the board.
  • The board is elastic and super lightweight to install easily.
  • Requires no assembling and one of the only pieces in the market.
  • Affordable backboard
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to setup
  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • One-piece design
  • Do not protect so much diameter.

The diameter of the backboard is 27.6 inches, and the thickness is about 1.4 inches. It is a very functional product that provides you lots of advantages at a lower price. It comes with an outer ring, which is quite rare, not available in other products. Moreover, it’s a reliable and long lasting product.

It is easy to set up as it is lightweight. Furthermore, the product is useful for a smaller game place. The only problem is that it does not cover a lot of areas. That’s why, it does not save your walls from wild shots.


Backboards help you protect your walls, providing you a safe play. While choosing the backboard, you must entirely know its features and specifications. This whole description will help you while investing money. You must go with a high-quality backboard, which ultimately fulfills your desire.

After searching a lot, we recommend you two of the most top-rated backboards. VIPER DEFENDER III is one of the best options you can avail. Its reversible quality with easy mounting makes it more attractive. The velvety design enhances its outlook. Moreover, it comes with a complete set of dartboards. Viper Championship Wood Framed backboard is also a good option. This well-built product comes with one panel for removable flight while one panel for dry erase scoreboard. Additionally, this reliable product contains extra accessories.


How do you keep a dartboard in good condition?

You can easily maintain it by avoiding water or any liquid, using smooth and sharp darts, and rotating your board regularly.

How to hang a dartboard?

Lots of dartboards come with a hanging slot. You can fix your board by inserting the space into the screw. At the same time, some models can be set to the backboard easily.

Can we mount backing for the dartboard on the door?

There is nothing impossible. You can also mount it on the doors, but it’s good to use a wall instead of a door.

Which material is used in making a backing for dartboards?

The backing of dartboards is mostly made of either wood, cork, or foam. The material used in its manufacturing also affects the price.


There are certain things you may consider before investing money. Backing for boards is not such a rare and unnecessary element that you can purchase it without doing a bit of research. You must have to know its details, like its weight, material used in its construction, its size, dimensions, etc. The following buying guide is prepared to help you in this regard.

Material of dartboard’s backing:

Material and texture affect the game. It’s the most important thing to consider. Backing comes in different materials having different surface textures. It may be made of materials like foam or MDF as well as wood or corkboard.

Some backboards are fabricated with velvety fabric, as this soft texture keeps the look better even after a lot of use. Viper defender III comes with such fabricated surface backboards.

Wall protection:

This is the essential point, as the actual purpose of buying a backboard is to protect your walls from any damage. Some dartboards come with steel tip darts, which may damage your walls and furniture. Backboards help you in this regard and protect your house walls from any damage.

So, you must consider your desire according to your wall texture. Either you want to protect your wall paint or structural ethics. Also, if the wall has a dry surface, the missed darts may leave holes on it. Consider the area you want to hide before buying backboards.

Dart’s safety:

While playing with dartboard, it’s natural that you may miss some shots. These fly-off or bounce-out darts may damage your house walls or furniture as well as may harm someone near you. So, it’s essential to pay attention regards to darts safety.

This feature directly depends on the material used in backboards. Cork structure backing has good reviews. While on the other hand, lots of people like to use foam-made backing. There are plenty of options, so you can choose a backing according to your desire and taste.


This a tricky term; you must be conscious about it. Mounting the backboard in the right way is important, as it affects the play. Also, it must be sturdy enough to avoid rattling and the thump sound of the board while nestling darts.

Some backboards are a bit heavy that it’s difficult to mount all alone. A few manufacturers provide a guidebook, which helps you mount the backboard. Make sure that the backboard sits firm and flush on the wall.

Performance and Aesthetics:

Two things matter a lot, that how the board looks and perform? Material affects both these factors. The performance will be great if the board mounts in the right way and sturdy enough to reduce hustle-bustle. While the surface, fabricated with velvet or wood structural, enhances the board’s look.

Backboard Dimensions:

Backboard comes in various sizes and dimensions. It depends on your dartboard size and the area you want to cover. If you have a large area to protect, you can check the big backboard, or if you have a smaller space to cover, you may go with CYEELIFE-18, a compact product. In simple straight words, it’s your personal preference, according to your desire.


Backboards are important for safe play. Mostly, there is the only backboard in the package, without any extra equipment. But some manufacturers offer backboard with additional accessories. These accessories may include an erasable scoreboard with a pen or may provide a complete set of dartboards.


It’s also an important point to note. Different manufacturers have different prices according to the specific features of the product. Before investing money, you must have to know about the product you are going to buy. We value your money, and in this regard, we guide you about the products and their features in a detailed way.

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