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Best Air Hockey Table Under 500 In 2021- Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are looking for entertainment with your family or visitors at home, an Air Hockey Table could be a great source of attraction and fun with your family and guests. These tables are great for your playroom or even can be used in the garage or basement. If you go for the best air hockey table, it could be costly. But if you go for a cheaper one, that tabletop will look best for children. In this article, we will have a look at the best air hockey table under 500 that will be within budget and best in quality.

Air hockey is a sport that can fill up your free time with your friends and family having fun with them. There are many priced and suitable sized tables available that can be used at home. There are so many tables available in the market that can confuse you with which one to pick.

To have a better idea and what you should look for, we have reviewed different products and finalized some of them that are best among all. Furthermore, to pick up the best air hockey table under 500, you can have a look at our buying guide. Otherwise, pick any table from the below list because they are the best and have a detailed analysis. So, let’s have a look at these.

1) MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table- Multiple Styles Table

Top features in this table:

  • The table dimensions are 84 x 42 x 32 inches
  • Comes with 2 pucks and 2 pushers. weighs 92 lbs.
  • Electronic LED scoring system with professional arcade sound for better game experience and authentic atmosphere.
  • Featured with full panel leg support for longevity and durability. Includes oversized leg levelers to balance the playing surface
  • The table has a premium blower motor for consistent airflow on the table, and colorful graphics make it loveable to everyone.
  • Comes with all accessories that are necessary for playing the game.
  • lighting and sounding provides a perfect environment
  • Each accessory included in this.
  • Leg levelers for perfect balance
  • Reliable motors for better flow/li>
  • Electronic scoring system
  • Heavy-weight.

The MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table is a quality and reliable table. It is hard to argue on this table because it has plenty of great features beyond expectations. Besides this, the table provides 84 inches of surface that is a close full-sized table and suits adults. To provide better airflow, it has a powerful motor that is UL certified.

Furthermore, the surface is UV coated and scratch resistant that means it won’t get scuffed up easily. Another big thing is that it has leg levelers, which provide you a lot of flexibility and ensures you a level surface for better playing. To enhance the gaming experience, the table has LED lights and sounds that create more excitement. Overall, this table is great to use in tournaments and one of the best air hockey tables under 500.


2) Harvil 5 Foot Air Hockey Table- Dual Electric Blowers Table

Top features in this table:

  • The table dimensions are 60 L x 26 W x 31 H inches.
  • 2 AAA batteries operate the electronic scoring system and come with 2 paddles and 2 pucks.
  • The table stands on L-shaped legs and has a leg leveler system for balancing.
  • Space-saving model and fits in most sized rooms
  • Faster fan speed leads to a better gameplay experience
  • Shifting the table is easy due to its lightweight of just 30 pounds
  • Compact size.
  • Powerful airflow.
  • Sturdy and reliable design.
  • Sturdy and reliable design
  • Better balancing with leg levelers
  • Double batteries
  • Difficult to install due to holes line up

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and best-featured table for air hockey, then mark Harvil 5 Foot Air Hockey Table as the best option. Having an electronic scoring system, the table accurately tracks all the goals made, and you won’t need to update them manually. Not only this, but also it has two different digital screens used to show the points scored by you and your opponent.

Furthermore, the table has curved panels between every four feet long legs. Having these panels makes the table perfect for a small-sized living room. Secondly, the table is very lightweight, which only weighs 30 pounds, making it easy to store and move. Two AAA batteries power the electronic scoreboard. In another case, if the batteries are not available, then you can use a manual scorer in this situation. Overall, the table is best if you want a lightweight air hockey table.


3) NHL Sting Ray Air Powered Hockey Table- Scratch Resistant Table

Top features in this table:

  • The table dimensions are 84 L x 48W x 32 H inches.
  • Featured with an electronic scoring system and automatic sound system for a better gameplay environment
  • Comes with four air-hockey pucks and four pushers.
  • Long-lasting, authentic table and scratch-resistant surface.
  • Leg leveler system and can be converted to ping pong table if you have a conversion top
  • Reliable blowers
  • scratch resistant
  • Built-in leg levelers
  • Auto digital scorer with sound effects
  • long-lasting
  • Durable surface
  • need batteries for the scoring system

If you have a bigger family and want to play air hockey as a group of four, then NHL Sting Ray Air Powered Hockey Table will be a great choice for you. This table comes with four pucks and four pushers to play as a group. Moreover, the table is 84 inches long, which means plenty of space for playing as a group of four. The best thing is that you can convert this table into a ping pong table if you have a conversion top.

Furthermore, the table has a GlazeTek coating to provide more durability and make it scratch-resistant. Not only this, but it also has power corners that create a random bounce when the puck hits the corner and makes the game more exciting. The big plus point is its automatic electronic scorer and also a sound system that makes the perfect environment for the game. The leg leveling system helps to adjust the table at a perfect 90-degree angle.


4) Hathaway Face-Off 5-Foot Air Hockey Table- Premium Air Flow

Top features in this table:

  • The dimensions of the playing surface of this table are 54.75″L x 27.25″W.
  • The table comes with two 3″ pushers and two 2.5″ pucks
  • Wood constructed table and durable legs keep the table steady and straight.
  • Featured with a premium airflow having five blades and over 1500 holes on playing surface for better flow and fast play
  • Perfect for kids due to compact design and colorful graphics
  • .
  • Solid construction
  • Compact design
  • Leg levelers for balancing surface
  • premium airflow
  • LED electronic scoreboard
  • Quality could be better/li>

Hathaway Face-Off 5-Foot Air Hockey Table is the best choice if you want to have colors in your entertainment. The table is decorated with black and blue over white surfaces that make it more attractive. Like the above-described model, this model also has an LED electronic scoreboard that keeps the record of points of both teams. Not only this, but you can also use a manual scoreboard for excitement.

Furthermore, the table has a 110V fan to provide consistent airflow to move the pucks more smoothly on the table surface. Even more, the table is constructed using wood material for longevity and comes with a leg leveler for a leveled play surface. Overall, the table is the best choice for kids to play on it confidently.


5) Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6′ Interactive Air Hockey Table- Lumen-X Lazer Technology Table

Top features in this table:

  • The table dimensions are 72 x 40 x 31 inches.
  • Featured with an electronic scoring system for better interaction to the scoreboard
  • Boost game experience through two ultra-bright strikers and light-up puck
  • Interactive features like LED lighting, cascading effects, and in-game music. Mostly, the table lasts up to 8 to 11 years
  • Continuous airflow through dual-motor blowers causes better and fast gameplay.
  • amazing lighting and sound effects
  • Perfect for the young generation
  • Dual motor for better airflow
  • Long-lasting table
  • Lighted pucks and pushers
  • No leg leveler for balancing surface

If you want excellent fun features and a little bit smaller air hockey table, then Triumph Lumen-X Lazer will be the best option. The table has the function of LED lights and sound effects that adds more excitement to the game. Not only sound effects, but you can also add your favorite track to play and add more excitement to the game.

Furthermore, it has dual motors for plenty of airflows and comes with an electronic scoring system that is a plus point. Even more, it has bright pushers and a light-up puck that youngsters would love to have. Moreover, it’s a long-lasting table that can last 8 to 11 years. Overall, the table is perfect for a colorful game experience and suits to the young generation.


6) Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table- Compact design air hockey table

Top features in this table:

  • The table dimensions are 48 x 24 x 31 inches.
  • Better electronic scoring system to ensure uninterrupted fun
  • Comes with two 75mm paddles and two 60mm pucks to start a friendly match right after installing the table
  • The table has L-shaped legs and a leg leveler system for perfect surface balance.
  • Wider goals to retrieve pucks easily without damaging the hand
  • Lightweight to shift
  • Compact design
  • Electric scoring system
  • Perfect for young kids
  • All necessary accessories included
  • leg leveler for balancing
  • Not a durable unit
  • Not a good choice for professionals

Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table is a lot smaller and lighter in weight choice. Making no mistake, the table is perfect for youngsters and designed by keeping them in mind. The table is super lightweight as it weighs only 28 lbs. in fact, the table is super portable and simple to use for kids. Moreover, it has wide goals to retrieve the pucks easily and start playing the game.

In the light of a smaller table, it comes with the pucks that have been designed to play on smaller tables perfectly. Moreover, the table has a leg leveler system to provide leveled gameplay surface. Overall the table will be worth buying for children or first step young people interested in air hockey.


7) Triumph Fire ‘n Ice Air Hockey Table- LED Puck and Pushers

Top features in this table:

  • The dimensions of the table are 54 x 27 x 31 inches
  • Comes with LED Electronic and abacus scoring system for uninterrupted playing action
  • The table includes two LED hockey pushers and one LED puck to add colors to your gameplay
  • Featured with four-leg cross braces to provide additional support and stability
  • Featured with LED light-up corners that flash when goals are scored
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy construction
  • Impressive gameplay with LEDs
  • Affordable price
  • perfect for youngers and youth
  • better stability and support
  • Goal slots are small

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice Air Hockey Table is one of the highly featured and high-end products. It is manufactured by Triumph that is a top brand for air hockey tables. To play competitive matches, the table is one of the best choices. In order to add colors, the table comes with blue and red pushers, having LED lights incorporated to light up the insider of the pushers whenever it hits the puck. Not only pushers but also pucks have LED inside them.

For stability, the table has built-in cross braces to ensure the player wobble-free table. Not only this, but it also has a leg leveler system to adjust the table height perfectly. Moreover, the electronic scoring system will record the points automatically. Overall, the table is great for competitive matches and perfect for youth and youngsters.




No doubt, everyone wants to have fun at home with family. A more challenging game means more closer to each member of the family. After spending hours of research, we have finalized some best air hockey tables under 500. Not only this but also analyzed customer reviews and expert’s opinion. All of the above-listed air hockey tables are the best in quality, and having any of them will be great.

If you selected any of the above-listed air hockey tables, then that’s great. Otherwise, we will recommend you MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table. Unde $500 budget, this air hockey table has perfect stability and leg leveler system for balancing surface. Playing on this table will make you feel like playing at the arcade and a perfect choice for adults.


Can a ping pong table add on top?

Generally, air hockey tables are specially made for air hockey. But still, there are some tables like NHL Sting Ray Air Powered Hockey Table that can be converted to a ping pong table if you have a conversion top.

What is Leg Leveler on the table?

If a table has not perfect level, then it could be difficult to play on that type of surface. Leg levelers on the table are used to level the playing surface for better gameplay. If you have an unsmooth floor, then leg levelers could be helpful to adjust the legs’ height for perfect balance.

Can I Place the table on the carpet?

Yes, you can do it because leg levelers are helpful for this purpose. They will help you to make the surface stay sturdy. If you want to put the table on carpet, then make sure the table has a leg leveler system that you are buying.

Can I use Air Hockey Table Outdoors?

Basically, we have to consider some factors before taking it outdoors. The table should be lightweight and waterproof. Lightweight is available, but it isn’t easy to get a waterproof table under $500. If you have both features, then you can use them outdoors

Does the air Hockey table make noise?

Generally, the air hockey tables are pretty quiet. But you know, it could be difficult to have a quiet environment when you have exciting players around.

Buying Guide:

Buying the best air hockey table under 500 could be difficult, but we have made it simple by sorting out some best choices. It would be best to consider some factors to buy a perfect and best table for air hockey. What are that factors? Let’s have a look.


Basically, there are different sized tables available in the market, but it is up to you which one and for who you want to buy. If you want to get the table for kids and teenagers, then a three to four-foot table will be best. Otherwise, if you want to get it for adults, then the table’s size should be six to seven feet.

It also depends on your space. If you have a small space in your room or store, then it’ll be better to go for a smaller one; otherwise adult-sized table is a great choice.

Scoring Method:

The latest models come with an electronic score system that records the score automatically and update it when a new goal scores. On the other hand, there are manual scoring systems where you need to update the score yourself. A manual scoring system can interrupt the game while updating the score and could be stressful for you. So, try to have a table that has an electronic scoring system.

Blower Fans:

A blower fan under the table surface helps the pucks to move smoothly. Generally, there is a 110V fan or blower that helps to keep the ball moving. If the table is lower in price, it means to use the force for moving the puck to the opponents’ goal. Try to have an air hockey table with a blower or fan for smooth gameplay.

Leg Levelers:

If you have a rough surface or a carpet where the table will be placed, then make sure the table has a leg leveling system. The leg leveling system will let you adjust the table level for a smooth surface. If one side is high and the other is low, then it could be difficult to play. On the other hand, if you have a totally flat room, then no need to consider leg levelers.


Usually, it is a trade-off when it comes to weight. If you have a lightweight table, then it will be easy to shift from one place to another, but it will not be sturdy. Having a heavy-weight unit will be more sturdy and provide you best gameplay experience. Heavy tables are more stable, but they are difficult to move from one place to another.

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