batsman with highest batting strike rate Afridi

Top 10 batsman with highest batting strike rate in ODIs

Top 10 batsman with highest batting strike rate in ODIs

Batting strike rate is the number of runs scored by a batsman per hundred balls played. Batsmen with highest batting strike rate are a team’s true assets for the limited overs cricket. With only a specified number of overs allocated to the each side, the whole playing eleven tries to gather as much runs as possible. The limitation of fifty or in case of T20s, twenty overs urges the batters to go for maximum hits and score as quickly as possible. It is then the batsmen with highest batting strike rate come in handy for the side.

batsman with highest batting strike rate Andre Russel

In cricket every player is allocated with his respective responsibility separately. Opening batsmen are usually expected to give a solid start to the side in the opening overs regardless of the number of balls they play. However with each coming over they are believed to pace the inning up gradually so moving towards the mid overs their strike rates rise as well. The reason some of the best opening batsmen in cricket are not the highest strikers of the ball is simply the fact that opening batsman have the duty of playing sensibly without throwing away their wickets.

batsman with highest batting strike rate Jos Buttler

On the other hand lower order batsman who are usually some of the best all round performers are assigned with the job of securing maximum number of runs by playing very few deliveries. In fact, batsmen with the highest batting strike rate in ODI matches are mostly the same lower middle order batters. Coming on the crease at a time when either all has been lost by the side or there is already enough on the board, these players start hitting from the very first delivery. The case might not be the same in hundred out of hundred times however most of the times the get the similar batting situation.  Speaking statistically, the highest batting strike rate in One Day games is currently maintained by the West India all-rounder Andre Russell. One of the most athletic cricketers in the world is also the best cricket fielder. The list is then followed by Glenn Maxwell from Australia and English middle order batsman Jos Buttler. Both players are the young cricketers loaded with talent and equally effected in both T20 and ODIs. Luke Ronchi, Shahid Afridi and Yusuf Pathan also find themselves in the list as well as the not-so-famous Lionel Cann from Bermuda. The full list of top 10 highest strike rate holders goes as under.

Top 10 batsman with highest batting strike rate in ODIs

Player Span Matches Innings Runs HS Ave. SR
AD Russell (WI) 2011-2015 51 43 985 92* 28.97 130.81
GJ Maxwell (Aus) 2012-2016 64 59 1713 102 32.94 124.85
JC Buttler (Eng) 2012-2016 70 61 1798 129 35.25 118.75
L Ronchi (Aus/NZ) 2008-2016 70 54 1159 170* 25.19 117.42
LOB Cann (Ber) 2006-2009 26 25 590 52 26.81 117.06
Shahid Afridi (Asia/ICC/Pak) 1996-2015 398 369 8064 124 23.57 117.00
CJ Anderson (NZ) 2013-2016 40 36 1016 131* 32.77 114.80
YK Pathan (India) 2008-2012 57 41 810 123* 27.00 113.60
JP Faulkner (Aus) 2013-2016 52 40 878 116 39.90 785
Rizwan Cheema (Can) 2008-2013 33 32 764 94 24.64 111.53

Top 10 batsman with highest batting strike rate in ODIs

  1. AD Russell
  2. GJ Maxwell
  3. JC Buttler
  4. L Ronchi
  5. LOB Cann
  6. Shahid Afridi
  7. CJ Anderson
  8. YK Pathan
  9. JP Faulkner
  10. Rizwan Cheema

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