Top 05 amazing Cricket records that won’t be broken any soon

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Top 05 amazing Cricket records that won’t be broken any soon

What would have been cricket without any records? Being sports lovers we all love records and often look for the amazing cricket records to follow. However creating a record that stands as one of the most amazing cricket records is not an easy deal. And as of today where records are literally created to be broken, not much of a player’s triumphs are safe. Still the exception to the generality being a universal rule, there come some of the most amazing cricket records that won’t be clasped down any time soon. Have any doubts over the statement? Well, have a look for yourself on these amazing cricket records then.

05 amazing Cricket records that won’t be broken any soon

05. Bradman’s batting average:

amazing Cricket records Don Bradman

Sir Don Bradman, the Australian legend who will be remembered forever for his services to the game. The legendary cricketer is considered to be a phenomenon whenever it comes to batting average. However to be more specific Bradman was not the batsman with the highest ever career batting average. In fact it was West Indian wicketkeeper Andy Ganteaume who scored 112 in his only innings in 1948, thus finishing with an average of 112. But as we talk about long term services for the game, Don Bradman stands tall with an average of 99.94 for his 6,996 Test runs, and 95.14 for his 28,067 First Class runs.

04. Oldest test debutant

James Southerton amazing cricket records

Age indeed plays a vital role in any athlete or in cricket’s case any player’s performance. The peak age being considered to be up to nearly 40 years for any sportsperson looks bosh when it comes to the oldest test debutant. James Southerton (L) of England holds the amazing cricket record of being the most aged test match debutant ever in cricket history. At the age of 49 years and 119 days he made his debut against Australia in 1877.

03. The unplayable Muttiah Muralitharan

Muttiah Muralitharan amazing cricket records

Sri Lankan off spinner Muttiah Muralitharan holds the record of getting 10 or more wickets in four consecutive test matches. And this is not it, he has done it not for once but twice in his career, once in 2001 and once in 2006. That means over 80 wickets in just 8 test matches, ever wondered how he managed to get 800 career wickets?

02. Most extras in an inning

amazing Cricket records

Pakistan cricket team holds the unique and unwanted record of giving away most extra runs in an inning. A total of 71 extra runs were conceded by Pakistan against West Indies at Georgetown in Guyana with 21 byes, 11 leg-byes, 4 wide and 38 no balls. Considering the amount of attention teams are paying to a single run now a day, this one of bizarre yet amazing cricket records won’t go anywhere. they also giveaway 76 runs in test match inning vs India in 2007.

01. Most no. of consecutive Maiden overs

Bapu Nadkarni amazing cricket records

Indian cricketer Bapu Nadkarni holds the record of bowling 21 consecutive maiden overs. The astonishing cricket record came in the Madras Test against England in 1963-64. He finished with figures of 32-27-5-0 in that inning.

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