Most Awaited PS4 games 2017

10 Best Upcoming PS4 Games 2017 – Exclusive Ranking

Most gamers would agree that PlayStation 4, or PS4 as it’s more popularly known, is already among the best gaming consoles ever. Not that the Xbox One has been left far behind, but the PS4 has risen in ranks like an UFC fighter and has broken the jaws of opponents under seven seconds flat. That said, the upcoming PS4 games 2017 perfectly mirror the knockout attitude of Sony’s gaming console. First released on 3 December 1994, PlayStation went on to redefine interactive gaming over the next two decades. The best PlayStation games went on to better themselves with every subsequent release.

10 Best Upcoming PS4 Games 2017

Upcoming PS4 Games 2017
Upcoming Playstation Games Of 2017

Here are some of the best games for PS4 slated to be released next year. Some are still in their final stages of development and may have a delayed release. Gamers, nonetheless, are eagerly awaiting these PS4 release titles.

10. The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is one of the best games for PS4
The Last Guardian: Expected Release Date – 6th December 2016

Even all the diehard Team Ico fans, makers of the Sony PS2 masterpieces like Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, had abjured all hope to see The Last Guardian among the PS4 release games list. First announced in 2009, The Last Guardian is about a boy and his giant-sized pet bird-dog that had disappeared from public memory many years back. That was until E3 2015 when the game returned. It’s now slated to be included in the list of PS4 games, instead of PS3. But we have had our heartbreaks before with Sony delaying the release. It missed its P3 date; now expected to arrive late 2016 or early next year.

9. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon is one of the top rated PS4 release titles
Horizon Zero Dawn: Expected Release Date – 28th February 2017

Gaming aficionados will recall Guerrilla Games as a hugely talented studio that spent the last decade with only Killzone titles. Some solid shooting games they were, but could never reach the popularity of their competitors like Gears of War or Halo. But Horizon Zero Down is absolutely new stuff. It’s an action role-playing game (RPG) which takes place a thousand years in the future, with civilizations collapsed and robotic dinosaurs running riot. You’re an archer hunting these oversized beasts and harvesting their parts for the tools.  One of the most anticipated upcoming PS4 games 2017.

8. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy is the best among available PS4 games
Final Fantasy Remake: Expected Release Date – 29th December 2017

Fans, for years, had been clamoring for the return of Cloud and the rest from Avalanche. It seems developer Square Enix has finally responded to the demand. The combat system of Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been upgraded and it’s now more similar to Final Fantasy XV. The story would be divided into three parts and will feature some of the best PlayStation characters ever. We are all excited to return to the twisted Midgar streets. No promises that none won’t cry when Aerith dies.

7. God of War

God of War is the top rated among the list of PS4 games
God Of War: Expected Release Date – Not Yet Declared

This is not the God of War we grew up with. The earlier versions had an angry and loud Kratos. His only interest was to slice up enemies and bed a streaming line of women. But the Kratos in God of War—touted as one of the best PS4 games—is accompanied by his son. Kratos is mentoring him to become a man. Ok ok, demigod, in the true sense. Developers Ready at Dawn, Javaground and others have promised God of War to be a character-driven game, featuring more thoughtful and methodical combat.

6. Nioh

Nioh is one of the most anticipated among PS4 games release list
Nioh: Expected Release Date – 9th February 2017

Traverse a war-ravaged Japan as the fierce warrior William, whose knowledge of the blade helps him survive in a demon-plagued samurai land. These demons, known as Yokai, populate several dangerous locations and wait in the shadows to pounce upon unsuspecting victims. Gamers have to battle other samurais in intense and multi-target engagements that’ll test their skills, strategy, and patience. The game would challenge all players in a way which makes each accomplishment feel worthwhile and earned. It has all the trappings to emerge as a topper in the PS4 games release list.

5. Death Stranding

Death Stranding is one of the most anticipated among PS4 release list
Death Stranding: Expected Release Date – Not Yet Declared

The upcoming PS4 games 2017 list won’t be complete with this one. It’s rumored to be among the best of all PS4 games. Fans wondered where the former vice-president of Konami Digital Entertainment, Hideo Kojima, will land when he left the company after the release of Metal Gear Solid (MGS) 5. The answer is Death Stranding. The game’s trailer features Norman Reedus from Walking Dead, but that generates more mysteries than answers. MGS 5 was long in development and you may see Death Stranding in the latter half of 2017.

4. Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is one of the best PS4 upcoming games 2017
Injustice 2: Expected Release Date – March 2017

The very cinematic Injustice: God Among Us story continues into its sequel. No upcoming PS4 games 2017 list can miss Injustice 2. Batman and allies carry on their work to piece together the society, battling those intent to restore Superman’s regime. This is the biggest DC roster ever among all available PS4 games and includes Aquaman and Supergirl as well, along with some super-villains like Gorilla Grodd, and Atrocitus. The battle takes place in areas that have evolved in both span and scale across iconic locations like Atlantis, Metropolis, and Gotham City. Talk of best PS4 games and Injustice 2 should be on your radar.

3. Days Gone

Days Gone created buzz in the upcoming PS4 release
Days Gone: Expected Release Date – Christmas 2016

What do you expect when you mix some zombies with Sons of Anarchy? The result is Days Gone. It’s new in the PS4 upcoming games 2017 list and follows a biker riding through a zombie apocalypse. The setting of this PS4 release list game looks very similar to World War Z, which means that your blood-thirsty opponents will ambush you in rapidly moving hordes. You have to mow them down with your automatic weapon spitfire. Days Gone surely warrants a look if you’ve not tasted a zombie game before.

2. For Honor

For Honor is the best among all PS4 games 2017
For Honor: Expected Release Date – 14th February 2017

Plough a path of destruction through battlefields in this upcoming PS4 release. Take the avatar of a brutal Viking, a bold knight, or a mysterious samurai and plunge into the chaos of a bloody war. It offers a fast-paced and competitive gaming experience that mixes strategy, skill and team-play. The game’s innovative control system—The Art of Battle—lets you grab full control of your heroes, each having its own weapons and special skills. Fight for your land, honor, and glory in the most interesting of upcoming PS4 games 2017. As a super-skilled warrior on an intense battleground, you must eliminate all archers, soldiers and enemies that stand in your way.

1. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Biohazard is the most awaited among PS4 release games list
Resident Evil Biohazard: Expected Release Date – 24th January 2017

The Resident Evil saga continues in the upcoming PS4 games 2017 with Biohazard. The game draws from the roots of the series about atmospheric survival horror and forges an entirely new level of terror. Resident Evil is renowned for offering gamers an unmatched audio and video experience, and the same is likely to continue with Biohazard.  The game begins after the events of the preceding franchise. It takes place in the present day and revolves around a derelict, foreboding plantation mansion somewhere in rural America. Players have to scour and survive the horrors inside the sprawling, mysterious estate.

All these upcoming PS4 games 2017 are united in one aspect: ultimate entertainment. With computers and graphics properties improving every day, the next year promises some exciting times for games with several new releases and sequels lined up. This, of course, is not a complete list and we couldn’t accommodate all the games in a single telling. Let us know the games you’re eager to run on your PlayStation in the coming year, in the comment box below. We will love to hear from you.

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